Website Design for Artists

Website Design for Artists

Effective Website Design for Artists with Ambition

Website design for artists is essential to showcasing you works.  Whether you are a sculpture, an oil painter or a grand master, you need one.  Websites for artists can also be used to sell works.

The issue is, finding the ‘right’ designer.  As there are thousands in the UK, ranging from top agencies in London, down to small web companies in Rotherham.

You need to find a design team that has experience in the world of art.  One that is capable of creating one that is not only easy to navigate and full of useful information but visually appealing too. To summarise, it should embody the following qualities:

  • Simplicity – Clever designs are all very well but they should never compromise the functionality.  First and foremost, you need a site that makes it easy for your target audience to see who you are, what kind of art you do and why you stand out.
  • Visual Appeal – As mentioned earlier, an artist’s website needs to be visually appealing, for obvious reasons. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be filled with ambitious but slow-loading flash animations (these can actually be counterproductive) but that it should stand out from the crowd.  In a good way.  Above all, it should reflect the style and ambition of the artist that it seeks to represent.
  • Clarity – Artists that make a living from their talent need to be very clear about what they have to offer.  If they are not, prospective clients are likely to spend their money elsewhere. With this in mind, your digital window onto the world needs to make it very clear where your talents lie and in what artistic direction you are heading next.

Website design for artists needs to have these three things to work well on search engines like Google and Bing.

Should you need a website re-fresh, we have put together some website re-design ideas for you to consider.

A Collaborative Effort

The above suggestions are just that of course: suggestions of design principles that you might like to bear in mind when creating it.  Web design for art galleries is important if you want people to make a purchase.  Saying that, PR for art galleries needs to be included if you want to keep new people visiting!

Marketing for artists these days is essential and should always utilise social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

You, and the agency you choose to work with, will probably have many more ideas that you wish to incorporate into the final design.  You should explore these fully before deciding on a final layout and colour scheme.

In our opinion, a good web design for artists should be a collaborative effort between the artist and a talented team of designers.

You need to compare website design quotes to find the best agency.  It is our job to help you find that talented team so don’t delay: complete the form today and let’s get started!

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