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There are over a thousand marketing companies in Essex, from freelance PPC experts working from home, up to established full service marketing agencies.

The difficulty is finding the best one for your company, for your brand.  Do you work with an established agency, one that has years of experience?  Do you work with a newly established agency, one that has no marketing experience?

Thanks to the university of Essex, new creatives are never far away.

There are hundreds of website designers in Essex that offer digital marketing alongside design services.  Do you use they for your online advertising, or a separate agency?

There are thousands of marketing companies in the UK.

With the internet giving quick access, you are spoiled for choice, too much choice.

This is where we at Marketing Quotes come in, to help you get a few quotes from local marketing companies in Essex that know your industry sector.

Points To Consider

Here are a few points to consider when looking at different marketing companies in Essex:

  • How Established Are They

New marketing companies are cropping up each week in Essex, from web designers to copywriters.  How well established are they?  Do you want to work with a brand new marketing company that has no track record of success?

A quick search on companies house should let you know how long they have been trading.

  • What Resources Do They Have

Many marketing agencies in Essex boast having lots of resources available.  Lots of staff, lots of marketing services, lots of experience.  Is this just marketing waffle or is it true?  Are they ever likely to say that cannot talk to you today as they are dealing with other customers?

  • Shared Risk

Marketing companies are not known for discussing shared risk, however skirting around this topic is wise.  How likely are they to invoice you month after month without any results or change to your enquiry rate?

Many people ask about guarantees with marketing, which is always snuffed.  But you do not want to pay them for 6 months or a year to have nothing to show for it.

There are lots of questions you can ask marketing companies in Essex, these are just a few to consider.

A Meeting Is Always Advised

Meeting an agency is always advised.  How do you know that they are in Essex, they could be using a virtual office and be based in China!

A meeting gives you a chance to meet the team, to put a face to the name on the phone, and see their offices.

Many marketing companies make claims on their website of being ‘the number 1 marketing company in the UK’ or having successfully managed millions of pounds of internet advertising.  A meeting gives you a chance to investigate these claims, ask about the awards they claim to have won.

Not all communication is verbal, a meeting gives you the opportunity to accurately communicate what your needs and expectations are.  Also for them to effectively communicate to you what they can do, and discuss a marketing strategy for your campaign to be effective.

Industry Knowledge Is Important For Marketing

All marketing companies around Essex have different industry experience.  Some will have a unique understanding in a specific sector (retail for example or engineering) but many will have a varied client base.

They do say that knowledge is power, and this is certainly the case when it comes to marketing.  Marketing is all about communicating a message, it is easier to communicate a message that you understand.

For example, if you are a shop, using an agency that understands about retail marketing is important.  They should understand the challenges you face, understand to to manage your campaign and who your competitors are.

A Little Research Is Advised

It is advised to do a little research on an agency before deciding to work with them.  Due diligence is a wise thing if you are going to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds with a complete stranger.

Many marketing companies in Essex make claims on their websites they may not be 100% accurate.  They have 50 years of marketing experience.  They are a Google Partner agency.  Their offices look fancy and credible.

Most agencies have very impressive looking responsive websites, that make them look like the best agency, but we advise not to be distracted by a nice looking website.

We want you to find the best agency for your business, rather than you leaving them after 6 months because they did not deliver what they promised.

Compare Multiple Marketing Quotes

All marketing agencies set their own monthly rates.  New agencies and smaller agencies tend to charge less as they have lower running costs and lower profit margins.  Larger agencies charge more.

With marketing, you do not get what you pay for.  The most expensive agency is not necessarily the best.

For this reason, we do advise comparing quotes from multiple agencies.

Choosing an agency based on price alone is not wise, you do need to factor in the points we have covered above.

Chemistry is important, do you click with the agency, do you feel comfortably they know their craft?

Just fill in the form and we will help you get a few quotes from a few marketing agencies in Essex that know and understand your industry sector.

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