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When considering a new website (or a re-deisgn to an existing website) why not talk with website designers in Essex?  As there are hundreds of website designers in Essex to choose from, it is only logical to use someone local.However the problem is that with so many website designers in Essex, finding the ‘right’ agency for your business is challenging (and can be time consuming).
website designers in Essex
There are over 500 website designers in Essex; many of which are small agencies and freelancers working from rented offices or from home.  In addition there are around 50 marketing companies that offer website design as part of a wider range of marketing services, such as digital marketing, SEO services and PR, to larger clients that need support across a few areas of marketing.

Choosing A Website Designer

There are a broad range of web designers in the county, and there are thousands more in London to choose from, just a stones throw away.Having a wide choice is a good thing; however too much choice can be confusing; who do you choose, are all web design agencies the same, how do you get value for money?These are all questions that companies in Essex are asking and many will opt to chat to a recommendation. However this carries its own risks, as just because a web designer created a good site for someone you know, does not mean they will design a great site for you.There are a few things to bear in mind when considering website designers in Essex:
  • Location – if you can work with someone local it is always helpful.  There is a loyalty that comes with dealing with a ‘local supplier’.  Meetings do not play a major role in website design, however if you can meet the designer to chat through objectives, strategies and designs, this can only help.  It is also a good way to ensure the website designer is ‘legit’ and not working out of a bedroom, using a virtual office and pretty pictures on their website, or in another country.
  • Size – web designers in Essex come in all shapes and sizes, generally if you are a new business, then working with a freelancer is better than working for a larger web design studio, for reasons of cost if anything else; likewise a larger more international company in Essex is more suited working with a larger web agency that has more facilities available.
  • Experience – all website designers work with a range of clients. If you can select a web designer that has built website for companies similar to yours, in the same industry, they will have a better idea of the kind of designs that will create impact and be effective, yet also fit into the sector and project professionalism and experience.
  • Cost – in todays society, costs are going up for everything.  Consider that a website designer is in business to make money, to have a bigger house, a nice car, more holidays and a larger company, with higher profits, and all from designing websites.  Shop around and compare quotes in order to avoid overspending and adding to someone’s holiday fund.

Compare Prices From Website Designers In Essex

As far as website design goes, all agencies set their own rates.  Some charge per hour, some per job, and none work on commission (the question is asked). As all designers set their own rates, website design prices do vary from agency to agency.Generally the larger the website design agency is, the more they charge for websites, as they have higher overheads, higher staff rates, more facilities to fund, more expensive offices and higher profit margins.Comparing prices is a very wise thing to do, as is comparing prices for anything in todays world.The cheapest website designer is not necessarily the best. Bear in mind that a website is an investment and that your website is your shop window, often the first thing that a customer will see before talking to you.  Paying a little more for a great design can make a big difference, but shopping around to ensure that you are not overpaying is wise.Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from website designers in Essex.

A Few Words About Essex

Essex is in south-east England, just north-east of London. It has an area of 1,420 square miles, and a population of nearly two million according to council figures..The word ‘Essex’ comes from the old English word ‘?astseaxe’ which means ‘East Saxons’, who occupied England’s oldest recorded town, which today is called Colchester.  At one time the town had its own mint, and was very well developed even before the Roman conquest. In the distant past the Kingdom of Essex was very large and stretched up to what is now the Scottish Borders.Two well known landmarks in todays world are London Stanstead and the Lakeside Shopping center. London Stanstead Airport was opened in 1966, however previously the land was used as an airfield in 1943, during the Second World War. Lakeside Shopping Center was opened officially in 1990 by Princess Alexandra and is owned by Capital Shopping Group, boasting to be one of the largest shopping centres in Europe.

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