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Marketing For Music WebsitesDoes Your Music Business Need Marketing Help?

Marketing for music websites is essential in order to stand out in the music industry.  

However with so many marketing agencies in the UK to choose from, finding the right one is a challenge.  

We do advise using an agency that has experience in doing marketing for music websites.

Just fill in the form to get free advice from 5 local marketing agencies that know about marketing for music shops. 

UK Music Industry

The music industry is the world leader in providing new songs, artists and trends to the world.  As such, you need to market your brand, artists and products to the UK and world in order to be seen.

With shows such as X-factor and Britain’s Got Talent, the music industry has moved on from the days of Top Of The Pops.  

It has become more commercial and a package that can be presented and sold to UK consumers. The music industry is wide and diverse, covering a wide range of different

  • Solo Artists
  • Recording Studios
  • Promotion
  • Magazines & Media
  • Agents
  • Shops/Websites (retail of music)
  • Sound Equipment

Music has been around for many thousands of years and has brought communities and nations together.  

Whether this is classical music, opera, Africal tribal music, hip hop or the Eurovision Song Contest.

Marketing Mediums

Marketing for music websites can cover a broad area of marketing tools available.  Some are useful and some are essential.  Some core areas would be:

Dynamic Websites

All music companies needs to have a website, whether you are a solo singer that is looking to get promotion, or if they are a national recording studio looking to rebrand their site. 

Choosing the right website designer for music companies is tricky, as there are thousands of web designers to choose from.  We always advise talking to agencies that know about marketing for music websites.

Public Relations And The Media

Public relations is an essential tool for you, cost effective and targeted PR can be used from freelancers up to multinational artists. 

PR for music companies is popular and there are many agencies around the UK happy to support clients in the sector.  Some agencies are specialists in the music industry, some have mixed industry experience along with music.

There are other areas of promotion once the above have been set up and put in place, other services that are important but not necessarily essential:

SEO For Your Site

SEO is all about getting your website higher up on search engines.  Search engines are really just one big list of billions of websites.  

SEO is about ensuring that your website appears higher for a specific music related keyword search. 

SEO for music companies is important in order to get the site appearing in searches quickly and cost effectively.

PPC For Your Music Website

Paid searches are unfortunately necessary, mainly due to the competition in the world for music.  Pay per click advertising allows you to appear on page 1 for any search term you want. 

PPC for music companies is popular and there are many agencies that can set up and manage a PPC campaign to ensure high returns.  Marketing for music websites is much about using PPC, as most people use the internet for music searches.

Advertising For Your Website

Many music companies use different forms of advertising in order to generate exposure and media buzz.  Advertising does affect sales, but is very much a shot gun approach and is very difficult to quantify. 

There are many forms of advertising for music companies available (radio, TV, billboards) that are used in different ways by advertising agencies.  Selecting the right form of advertising is important.

Branding For Your Brand

Branding for music companies is essential for you and your site to stand out in the ever growing global  industry.  

Consider some of the leading music brands: Spotify, Kylie Minogue.  All have unique branding that sums up what the music business is about.

Compare Multiple Quotes

It is wise to shop around and compare quotes, and get a few different proposals in from experienced marketing agencies.  Marketing for music websites does not have to be expensive.  

Finding the right agency is important, however marketing prices do vary considerably.  

All marketing agencies have overheads, running costs and profit margins. As a price comparison website, we want to help you get the best marketing agency, for the lowest price.

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