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Advertising For Music BusinessesGet Quotes On Promotion For Your Music Brand

Advertising for music businesses is very important as the music sector continues to grow.  The difficulty you face however is finding the right advertising agency.  There are thousands of advertising agencies in the UK, all with different strengths and weaknesses.  

We always advise talking to ones that have experience in the music sector.  If they have done advertising for music companies in the past, they should be able to get you the best results.

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UK Music Sector

The music industry as a whole does advertise a lot (TV, press, billboards, magazines) however it is only certain areas of the industry.  

Companies such as equipment manufacturers do not really advertise in the mainstream media.  Record producers do not really advertise, but solo artists like Peter Andre do use advertising.  

Download sites do advertise a lot across a broad range of mediums. The reason that advertising is done is based on the competition.  

There is not that much competition with record production companies and new business is normally done via recommendation.  

Solo artists (such as Madonna) they need to advertise as the competition is high for them.

Options For You

Radio Adverts

Many companies will use the radio in order to market their products.  

This is a great option as listeners are tuned into the music sector while they are listening to an advert from a company (a new artist, a new release, a download site etc.).

Radio advertising is a very targeted and effective form of marketing that works well for businesses (as people are already listening and therefore tuned into the world of tunes).

TV Adverts

Although very expensive, TV advertising is a very powerful and effective medium to market products and music services. 

Targeting is done around the programs that TV companies believe people will be watching and (assuming they watch adverts) aimed to the genre & age of prospective viewers.

As with much promotion, some music companies will use TV (artists, download sites etc.) but many will not (production companies, equipment companies etc.)

Magazine & The Media

Magazines and the media provide a much more stable platform for many companies to promote their services.  

A broader range of the industry will use mediums such as magazines to market due to the cost and exposure they have.  

Programs like the xFactor have done a lot of positives for the music sector.

You can use the type of magazine (technology, music, trash, gossip etc.) to select the kind of audience they wish to promote to and generate exposure.

There are many different mediums open to you, some very mainstream and very expensive, some quite focused, niche and affordable.

Choosing An Experienced Agency

There are a wide range of advertising agencies around the UK that can offer support and advice to you for campaigns, some based in London and some outside.

Selecting an agency needs to be done on the grounds of the agency grasp of the industry.  

Have they worked in the sector before, who have they worked with (and been successful with) and what is their level of understand of music marketing.  

Advertising for music companies needs to be done by an experienced agency.  Have a look at their current clients, do they work with many music companies?

Compare Advertising Costs

It is very wise to compare advertising costs; as all agencies charge different rates.

One thing to consider is that all marketing agencies are profit making machines.  Top companies have very high paid staff, expensive offices, many directors with big cars, expensive houses and lots of holidays.  These are all paid for from the profits they make from clients.

Like all price comparison websites, we want to help you get the best advertising for music campaign, for the lowest price.

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