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As the internet grows, website design for music companies is important.

The industry in the UK spans a wide range within the music market, from instrument makers, instrument tuners, composers, private teachers.

For all businesses considering a new site (or a re-design) we advise talking with designers that offer web design for music companies.  

They will have worked with other music businesses, they should know what designs work for you and what your competition is doing.

There are tens of thousands of web design companies in the UK for you to choose from.

We encourage you to use local experts that have experience in doing website design for music companies.  

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Do Music Companies Need Websites

There are a wide variety of music companies (solo artists, music bands, country singers, music production companies etc.) and all would need and use websites (in slightly different ways). 

These days, all businesses need sites, especially in the entertainment sector.  

Consider the publicity that X-factor has brought, not just for modern music, but for traditional music.

Music download sites are becoming more and more popular as IPods and other MP3 players have long but taken over from personal stereos,

Discmans and walkmans (those were the days).

Music production companies also find that more and more business is online and therefore having a clean and professional website is becoming more and more important. 

Many do have websites in place from the early years and many do look quite crude and unprofessional – something that the majority of the music industry is not.

With the added exposure from TV shows such as X-factor, Britain’s Got Talent; the music industry has become much more high profile.  Music companies need to cash in on this added exposure through having one that reflect the high profile industry.

Features Of Your Website

The industry historically has had a very amateur reputation, and many music websites have reflected this with being poor quality, badly designed and out of date.

As the industry has developed in the last few years a more professional look and feel has been adopted by many companies.  This is to come up to date and be part of the ‘hype’ that surrounds the music sector.

There are a number of key features that they need to possess:

  • Credibility – It needs (no matter what area of the music sector it is) needs to look professional
  • Appealing – It needs to look good, look attractive rather than amateur
  • Navigation – It needs to be simple to navigate to all users

The sector is quite broad and diverse so the features of a music website will vary depending on the music company.

Choosing An Agency

From the many thousands of web designers around the UK, choosing a web designer to design a music website is confusing.

Which one to use?

For music companies it is wise to select a website designer that does have experience in working in the music industry.  One that has designed websites for music companies before and does know about music marketing

It is only logical, rather than using a designer that has never designed a music website and specialises in designing construction company websites.  

If they have done website design for music companies in the past, they are much more likely to produce an efficient website that works well.

Many agencies these days to work in certain market sectors (in order to distinguish themselves from others) so choosing a website designer that has designed music websites before is wise.

Looking at their portfolio will give you a feel for the kind of music websites they have designed in the past.  But a better option is to arrange a meeting with them. 

As many designers use ‘virtual offices’ it is good to meet and confirm they are what they claim, they are in an office (and not working from their parents house) and meet the design team. 

A meeting also gives the chance to chat about strategy, layout and objectives. A meeting also provides the chance to look at their portfolio of work they have done in the past.

Many web companies claim to be ‘award winning’ and ‘the UK’s top web designer.‘  So it is worth organising a meeting in order to find out what awards they have won (and what for) and how they substantiate being the ‘UK’s top web designer’.

We have put together 7 tips on choosing a website designer, which may be helpful.

Compare Costs

All creative designers set their own design rates; normally larger design companies (like top website designers in London).  They will charge more as they have higher overheads, higher staff costs and higher profit margins than freelancers that work from home. 

For this reason, shopping around and comparing quotes is important in order to get a feel for what is a reasonable price to pay.

If they has been trading for a long time and has prestigious clients, then they will charge more for their designs.  For this reason, website design prices will vary depending on which designer is chosen (large agency in London or freelancer in Wales).

It is wise to compare prices from 3-4 web agencies with music experience and choose the one that looks the best.

The cheapest website is not the best, neither does paying a high price for design work.

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