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There are around 10 PPC agencies in Lincoln, as well as a number of website designers in Lincoln that offer PPC in addition to their design services.

Lincoln university also produces new creatives that either join existing agencies or they start their own.

The difficult thing is finding the ‘right’ PPC agency, as they are all different, with different experience and different costs.

This is where we at Marketing Quotes come in, to help you get quotes from a few local PPC companies in Lincoln that know your industry sector.

Experience Is Important

Both experience in PPC management and industry experience are important when choosing a PPC company to work with.

Not all agencies have been running for 10+ years, some are brand new start ups.

Do you want to work with an agency that has just started out, that has no historic client base?

We do advise using an agency that is well established, that has been managing PPC accounts for a few years and knows all the latest features in Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

Industry experience is also important when selecting an agency to work with.

Do they know your market, your business, your competitors?

Many PPC agencies have a varied client base, and thus a varied industry knowledge.  However you do need to work with someone that has worked in your market historically.  If you are in the retail sector, would you use an agency that has mostly done PPC for hotels in the past?

We feel that using a PPC agency In Lincoln that has a track record in your sector.  They will have a better idea of the kind of keywords you need to be targeting, also maybe some that you have not considered that are less competitive.

Have You Considered Remarketing?

Remarketing is when adverts for a company follow you across partner website and social media websites.  This is why you very often will see an advert for something that you were looking at a few days previously.

Remarketing can be very effective, as it is cheaper than a search engine click, but also can turn a client that got distracted one day, into a customer tomorrow.

You Must Remember To Be Social

PPC is not just about advertising on search engines, but also on social media platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

How well does the agency know about social media marketing?  It is different to search engine advertising, as they are different advertising platforms with different features to learn.

Meeting With PPC Agencies In Lincoln

Where possible, a meeting will be helpful.

A meeting gives you the chance to meet the team, to ask about their industry experience, knowledge about remarketing and social media experience.  Also a chance for your to find out how well they know your business?  Are you going to be just another client for them, or did they take the trouble to really get to know you.

Follow up meetings are also good, to ensure that the agency is performing and giving you a chance to look at any improvements that may be required.

Compare Quotes From Multiple PPC Companies In Lincoln

All PPC agencies are different, all set their own rates and these prices vary considerably.  PPC agency costs involve your payment to the search engines, but also the monthly management fee to the agency.

Generally smaller agencies (or start ups) are more affordable, as they have lower running costs and lower profit margins.  However the cheapest agency is not necessarily the best.

There are large PPC agencies in London that boast a global client base, large offices, and high monthly management fees.  However paying more for an agency is no guarantee of them being the best or right agency for you.

We want to help you find the ‘right’ agency for your business, for your brand.  Just fill in the form and we will get you quotes from a few local PPC agencies in Lincoln that know your industry sector.

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