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Website designers in Lincoln can be contacted through the form just above.  

When looking into getting a new site (or a website re-design) it makes sense talking to some of the web design companies in Lincoln.

By talking to local PR companies in Lincoln, they can get you local media coverage for your new website.

As there are over 20 creative designers in Lincoln, finding the right one may be time consuming.

We always advise talking to agencies that understand your industry sector.  

Ones that have worked to similar businesses as yours (not necessarily competitors) so they should know what designs work and what your customers will respond to.

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Local Creative Studios

There are over 20 website design agencies in Lincoln, many of which are smaller studios.  The larger ones are based in nearby cities like Hull or Sheffield.  

There are also freelancers who work from rented offices or from home.  

Lincoln has around 10 marketing agencies that offer web design as part of a broader range of marketing support (such as branding, corporate ID and advertising) to larger companies that need a little more help with their marketing.

Choosing Someone Local

There are hundreds of website designers in Lincolnshire, and as it is such a large county selecting someone local is better than someone based on the coast, or closer to Yorkshire.

Choosing someone local is always preferable to someone that is several hours drive away, as the personal contact does help.  

It gives a kind of reassurance that you are investing into a friend as opposed to paying money into an anonymous business, one that you have never met or even spoken to on the phone (if you only chat via e-mail).  A meeting also gives the chance to ensure that the designer is real as opposed to being a student working from his parents’ house (you never know these days).

Selecting a web agency who has already worked in your industry is also wise, as they will have a better idea of which designs stand out.

If your business is new, or quite small, then talking to a smaller agency or freelancer may be best, in order to design a basic website, rather than to a larger designer who is going to charge you more.  All are different sizes, therefore selecting one that is the right size is wise.

Consider Your Marketing

Once it is created, then the hard work starts.  You need to get visitors to the site, to get people placing enquiries or buying your products.

This can be done in two ways, SEO & PPC.

PPC is advertising on the search engines, for the specific search terms you want to be found for.  This is a good option in the short term, however it can be expensive depending on the keywords that you are targeting.  There are a few agencies that handle PPC advertising, however you can always talk to a few PPC agencies in Lincoln that can get your adverts seen.

SEO is good for medium to long term.  This is all about your website appearing in the main search results for your keywords (which can take time).  There are a few SEO companies in Lincoln that can help with this, as rarely do website designers also do good SEO (as it is a discipline in it’s own right).

Social media marketing is also a bit part of your marketing, and one that is very new.  Using platforms like Facebook and Instagram is a great way to get business, for pretty much all forms of business.

Compare Prices Today

Choosing an expert needs to be done with price in mind.  If you find a great company that has done work in your industry, but they are 3 times more expensive than others, that is not good.

Getting a cheap website for the sake of saving money is never a wise thing as it is your shop window; it is the first thing that companies will see. You do not want to give prospective clients the impression your business is cheap and only half hitched.

Shopping around and comparing prices is important, as all web design prices vary.  Finding the cheapest company is not what it is about, but getting a good deal and not overspending is important.  We want to help you choose the best agency from the many web design companies in Lincoln.

A Few Words About Lincoln

It is the county town of Lincolnshire, a county in the east of England, and has a population of around one hundred thousand.  Popular for it’s famous Cathedral.

There has been a human settlement here since people were building round wooden houses in the area around the first century.  This settlement was built at the side of a deep pool at the edge of a large hill, the same hill that the Normans built the cathedral and castle on.

The Norman castle was built on an earlier Roman fort, built around 48 AD, in what is an ideal defensive position. By 1150, it was one of the wealthiest towns in England, thanks to the clothing and fabric industry.

By the early 20th century, industry had switched to heavy engineering.  

Many larger businesses are based in and around the town, and it boasts the location of where the world’s first military tank.  This was manufactured, by William Foster & Co, who first manufactured agricultural machinery and then switched to tank production during the First World War.

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