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PPC Advertising For HotelsWould Your Hotel Benefit From Pay Per Click Marketing?

Since most people use the internet to book a hotel, PPC for hotels is essential.  

Whether you are a top hotel chain like Hilton, or a small hotel in Blackpool, paid advertising is very important.  The government oversees the hospitality sector via the HSC.

The difficulty is, competition; the hospitality sector is very competitive and getting more and more crowded.

New hotels are competing against global chains, which makes life difficult.  Larger chain hotel groups have much bigger budgets to be able to appear high in search results 24hrs a day.

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Why Would Hotels Need PPC Advertising?

PPC for hotels is a great way for you to get new customers/guests.  

Most people use the internet to find a local hotel these days, and normally search in a geographical area.  

Therefore if you have your advert appear each time someone types in a search query for a hotel in your area, you stand a good chance of being found.  

Social media platforms like Facebook also offer PPC advertising, and this can be more affordable than advertising on the main search engines.  However again, if you are looking for a hotel, you would not use Facebook, you would do an internet search.

PPC for hotels is essential in order for you to be found on local web searches by potential guests.  

The other thing to consider is price comparison websites like Booking.com and Trivago.  They are popular as any price comparison website is, so PPC for hotels is essential.

We do advise when considering agencies to use one that has done marketing for hotels in the past.

How Much Would PPC Advertising Cost?

Paid media prices are fairly low in cost, the only costs are the click through costs (which can cost around £3.50 – £30) and the monthly management cost to the agency.  

You can set a monthly advertising budget, so that when you reach your budget ceiling, the adverts stop appearing.  

It may be pricey due to the number of your competitors, as well as price comparison sites for hotels.  The more popular your search term is, the more expensive it will be.  

PPC for hotels does not need to be expensive when done right.

Choosing An Agency

When considering getting a paid advertising campaign set up, it is wise to select from agencies that have experience in the hospitality industry.  

Freelancers tend to be cheaper than agencies, however do they have the resources you need?  Do they have the PPC experience you need?  Have they done PPC for any hotels in the past?

Most agencies will have glowing testimonials and most are ‘award winning’.  We advise taking this with a pinch of salt, as even new companies seem to have testimonials.

Taking your time and using due diligence is advised, particularly if they have industry knowledge.

If they have done PPC advertising for hotels in the past, this is a plus.  They should be able to get the campaign set up quicker and more efficiently than someone that has never worked with the hospitality sector before.

Get Multiple PPC Quotes

Shopping around for quotes is essential.  As all paid advertising agencies set their own fees PPC costs vary.  Finding the best one for the lowest price is going to be challenging.  

The cheapest agency is not the best, however going with the most expensive agency is no guarantee of getting results.  You do not get what you pay for when it comes to marketing.

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