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Religious MarketingDoes Your Religious Group Need Marketing Support?

Religious marketing is essential to spreading the Good News of the gospel message.  

Competing with other religions and indeed other churches is growing.  

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Many faith organisations and religious groups are starting to promote themselves both through traditional forms of marketing and on-line.  

Of course social media sites like Facebook and Twitter play an important form of religious marketing.

As the internet has bedded in, most Christian organisations are getting on-line and starting to have that visibility that comes with being up to date with technology.

Many Christian organisations are getting websites designed both for their congregations to know about what is going on in the church regards events and meetings.  

But also to serve as a way of new members coming along to church services for the first time.

Many churches use graphic designers to produce welcome brochures for new members.  Giving a history of the church, advice on their walk of faith, contact details to the church leadership and pastoral care etc.

Along with events that occur throughout the year. As the population within the UK is growing so to are the diversity of religious groups (Christian denominations and all other faith groups).

Jehovah’s Witnesses (as part of their faith) only use printers, designers that are part of the Jahovas Witnesses.  

However all other faith groups will use external marketing companies.

Many of the large faith groups (Care International, Assemblies of God, UCB (United Christian Broadcasting) and many others are very focused with their marketing.  

They run their marketing programs with the same efficiency and setup as many mainstream businesses do.

There are many design and marketing companies in the UK that do work with faith groups (and some that work solely with faith groups).  

Some are well positioned to handle any marketing campaign (be it web based, PR based etc.) to aid religious marketing.

With the growth of the internet, e-mail marketing has become a popular tool  for churches keeping in touch with their followers.  

Either by sending out newsletters or by sending out targeted mailings about Christian events or services.

Experience In Faith Marketing

There are many marketing companies/design agencies that do work with faith groups (both Christian and others).  It does make logical sense for faith groups to work with marketing companies that understand religious marketing.

Effective communication is important and this spans all areas of marketing, from PR right through design and telemarketing.

As a faith organisation, it does make logical sense to work with a marketing company that has experience in the faith industry.  

For them to effectively communicate your message.  As there are so many marketing companies around the UK it only makes practical sense.

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