Telemarketing In 2020

Telemarketing In 2020Using Telemarketing In 2020 Effectively in the Digital Age

Telemarketing in 2020 is as much of a challenge as it has ever been, if not more so.  Reaching people despite the expansion in the forms of communication has become ever more difficult in the new millennium.  With the growth in new forms of communication such as social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, reaching individuals is more challenging than ever.

So what is the new tactic?  Is telemarketing still necessary in 20202?  How do you reach the CEO of the company you with to partner with?  How do you reach the sales manager in order to set up a new contract?

There are six reasons to outsource telemarketing.

If you wanted some telemarketing tips, see these effective telemarketing tips.

The Phone Is Still Powerful In 2020

Even though many new forms of marketing have developed over recent years, having a conversation on the phone is still one off the most powerful forms of marketing.  Consider the following points:

Fact Finding

It is a lot easier to fact find about a clients needs over a 3 minute phone call than it is over a few days exchanging en-ails with them.  This does not take too much telemarketing training.

Objection Handling

If you are in a selling situation, then objection handling is an important part of the sales process, if not essential.  Having a few minutes to discuss reservations, fears, costs or downsides with a client may well lead to an order that day.

Price Negotiation

Price is very often one of the main stumbling blocks in the sales process.  This can be discussed and (if needs be) negotiated/discounted over a phone call.  Doing this via e-mail may well  lead to the prospect asking for too high a discount and reputation may well be at risk.

Organising A Face To Face Meeting

A phone call can be a great way to build a relationship with a prospect; however it can also be used as a ‘springboard’ to arranging a face to face meeting.  This is an escalation of the sales process, everyone knows it is easier selling face to face, to see the whites of the customers eyes.

The main thing to remember in telemarketing is the skills involved.  Anyone can chat on the phone, but there is a skill involved in leading a conversation, steering it in a given direction.

There are many factors involved with telemarketing in 2020 that need to be considered:

  • Timing of the call
  • Tone of voice
  • Fact finding
  • Objection Handling
  • Selling Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Closing Skills

This is why having a skilled agency is essential.

Don’t Forget Good Data

Telemarketing in 2020 is all about having good up to date data, which will take a lot of the early leg work out of the selling process.

Marketing data can either be purchased from a data broker, or doing some good old fashioned research to find target companies and input this into your database.

How To Choose A Telemarketing Company

There are over 400 telemarketing companies in the UK.  How do you choose the right one?  How do you know they will bring the essential bullet points above to your campaign?  Does industry experience play a part in the process?  Does paying more give a better chance of a successful campaign?

The reason to outsource telemarketing is for getting more business.  All of the questions above need answers, and this is where Marketing Quotes tries to help.  The internet is a big place, however finding something is actually quite hard, especially something very specific.

We advise the following:

  • Compare Quotes – Get multiple quotes, in the same way as insurance.
  • Talk To Them – How are they on the phone when dealing with you?
  • Experience – Do they know your company, your industry?
  • Price – How do they compare to other similar agencies?
  • Meeting Them – Visit their offices, meet the staff.
  • Trial Them – Why not ask for a trial, free or paid to see of they can deliver?

It needs to be considered as part of your marketing arsenal.  It cannot be done alone, it needs to work alongside other forms of marketing, in order to be as effective as possible.  The truth is that the truth about telemarketing prices is that companies set their own rates, so shopping around is important.

Closing Thoughts

Telemarketing in 2020 is not easy, in fact it is going to be more challenging than previous years.  Do not rush into choosing a telemarketing company.  It is better to take your time than choosing the wrong agency.

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