Telemarketing Companies In The UK

Considering Telemarketing Companies In the UK?

Telemarketing is a popular form of lead generation for UK businesses,  It is a great form of marketing to target specific clients, in specific market sectors.  Telemarketing companies in the UK work either on a day rate, or a monthly retainer.  If you are looking to talk to UK telemarketing companies, just fill in the form for free advice and quotes.

Since there are over 400 telemarketing companies in the UK, let us help you.  Rather than you spending hours on google, just fill in the form to get quotes.

The UK has over 400 agencies of varying size and industry experience. These can be split into the following kinds of different kinds of agency:

Inbound Calling

These companies receive calls on behalf of clients; this is considered ‘a call center’ and is popular for busy businesses (such as computer companies, banks, security companies) that do not want the hassle of employing their own staff.  Inbound telemarketing is also used for companies that have seasons of high incoming calls (such as when they launch a new product, or have a competition) and rather than getting space set up, office equipment/IT equipment installed and staff trained – it is outsourced to a calling company.

Outbound  Calling

These companies make calls on behalf of clients; this is considered more a sales based form of telemarketing (lead generation, appointment setting, market research etc.) and is popular with companies that need to generate new sales leads. Outbound telemarketing companies are popular with smaller companies that cannot afford to recruit, train and get their own sales people selling, better to outsource it for achieving quicker results.

How Do Telemarketing Companies Start?

Most telemarketing companies start by a senior telemarker leaving a company (above) and setting up their own business as a startup company.  Often handling the calling campaigns themselves until they take on one or two staff and then grown organically. Needless to say that there have been many startup companies that have started and failed in recent years.

How Do You Categorise Telemarketing Companies In The UK?

Telemarketing companies in the UK can be broken down into the following genres:

  • Freelance – A consultant that handles calling on a campaign basis (almost always outbound calling)
  • Startup agency – A new company with 1 or 2 staff that are offering either inbound or outbound calling
  • Small agency – An established company with around 10 staff
  • Larger agency – A larger company with around 50-100 staff
  • Call Centre – This is for inbound calling and they can have 100+ staff (many are based in Scotland).

All UK businesses have different needs (for some it may be handling a new influx of incoming calls, lead generation etc.) so choosing the right company for the job is important in order to get the best results.

Choosing a UK based telemarketing company that knows your industry is important – as there should not be a learning curve.

Telemarketing prices are always going to be an area of discussion (certainly during times of economic hardship and recession) so shopping around to compare quotes is important to avoid overspending unnecessarily.  As all marketing companies set their own fees, all are in business to make profit.  Compare prices for telemarketing in the same way as using any price comparison website.

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