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Telemarketing Training Is Important If It Is To Be EffectiveFind A Telemarketing Training Company

Telemarketing training is something that is very important to any business that is involved in in-house telemarketing.  

Good training helps to ensure your sales staff do not get into bad habits.  This can very easily happen even to the most seasoned of sales people and can teach them new sales skills.

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This is absolutely essential for ensuring that you have the skills, motivation and drive to do it effectively.

We do advise you talk with telemarketing training companies that have a knowledge and understanding of your industry sector.  This way they can tailer the training seminars to you, rather than just doing ‘training out of a book’.  

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The Mistakes Companies Make

Many businesses would bring in new staff and put them through a basic induction course (sometimes rushing them through it) to give them the basic telephone skills that are needed to get going.  

Often this would involve shadowing a senior member of staff for a couple of days, listening in to their calls and picking up tips.  

This is a lazy way of doing it and is unfortunately very common within many companies.  The main issue is that bad techniques will be picked up, infecting your entire sales team.  

The roll is not simple and cannot be learned properly in a few days.  

There are a number of core skills that need to be learned as opposed to being picked up on the job.

True that shadowing can work and some skills are transferable, however to have a confident properly equipped member of staff will take a few weeks.

Many companies rush staff through and ‘drop them in at the deep end’ as it is more profitable in the short term.

Having staff sat in training rooms burns money (especially when you take out other members to do the training or bring in a trainer).

Telemarketing Training As It Should Be Done

Training does take time and patience; this is the same with any kind of job roll, for any application.  The general rule of thumb would be 1 week of solid teaching and role play.

This would then be followed by a week of role play, training and shadowing. Equipping sales staff properly will do two things:

  • Produce Happy Confident Staff
  • Produce Successful Profitable Staff

Confidence is key, if a new member of staff has the confidence based on good teaching, good support, good mentoring.  They will be successful not just in their job but also for the company.

This will also have an effect on staff turnover and staff retention.

The Problems UK Businesses Face

Many businesses in the UK are against fierce competition from UK and overseas firms.

The more time that their staff are not calling on the telephone, the less profit the company is making.

There is the tendency to rush staff through and ‘drop them in at the deep end’.  This will show if they can ‘sink or swim’.  Phrases all too common and a good sign that proper teaching is not being done.

The reason is money.  Most businesses do not have the resource (certainly if they are new) to invest in proper training facilities and bringing in professional skilled sales trainers.

What Can Good Telemarketing Training Bring

Sales trainers can bring a host of skills from their successful background in selling as well as a fresh approach, enthusiasm and motivation to your product or service.  

Getting a team motivated and enthused is half the battle, the other half is the skills they need to do their job well.  

Key skills in a well trained sales trainer would be teaching:

Some of these skills are learned in a classroom, some a person has the skills which can be honed and developed not just for the role, but for life.

Many of these skills come in very useful throughout life and will stand your staff in good stead within their sales career.

There are many specialist telemarketing training companies that can be hired, either for one off sessions/motivation or ongoing campaigns.

We all need to be motivated and as this is such a confidence challenging job.  Companies really need to think about properly equipping and continual motivation of their teams.

This will be expensive; however it will result in happier better trained staff that should be more profitable in their jobs.

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