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Website Design For Hair DressersCompare Quotes On Web Design For Your Hair Salon

If your hair salon needs a new website or a website re-design do advise talking to web design experts that have experience in doing web design for hair dressers. 

Just fill in the form opposite to get free advice and quotes from  local web design experts that have experience with hair dressers and hair salons.

Does Your Hair Salon Need A Website?

Yes is the simple answer, they are essential.  Pictures of different styles, pictures of the salon, the waiting area, and a booking form for appointments.

Most have two sorts of clients:

  • Regulars – People that have been using them for years and would not change unless they moved
  • Walk-ins – People that walk in off the street and need a quick cut

However there are many different kinds of hairdressers around the UK.  Depending on the sort of hair salon you run, the kind of clientele you want to attract will mean you do need to market yourself differently and appropriately.  From top hairdressers like Trufitt & Hill to Tony&Guy.

Some salons serve only men, only women, only children, African hair styles etc.

The site needs to attract new clients, encourage customer retention and showcase new styles.  This is all down to the quality of the design company.

Mobile Hair Studios

Mobile hair dressers normally work via recommendation and do not have the overheads of having a salon. 

Normally students or self employed mobile hairdressers certainly would benefit from having a website in place in order to pick up additional clients should the word of mouth route drop off.  

Website design for them that are mobile are crucial to showcasing what you can offer, and why customers should not go to a high street shops instead.

High Street Salons

Salons on the high street tend to rely on the above points (regulars and walk-ins); so having one is essential in order to showcase your salon and any additional features (massage, nail work, colouring etc.).

However, as the number in the high street increases, location is everything. 

If you are based in a prime position, then business should be free flowing; the wrong place, then there could be peaks and troughs. 

For this reason, having a modern site and marketing it on local directories/google maps could be a wise move.  

Hair Salons

For salons, relying on walk-ins is something that is not really done.

Hair cuts do need to be booked in and scheduled with a stylist due to the more specialist nature of the studio.

Most are much more specialist and pride themselves on their clientele and reputation.

Having a website is very important, both for providing images of the salon and hair styles (normally using models) but also providing information about prices, details of the cut and the experience of the staff. 

Hair salons tend to work with high profile clients:

  • Social Elites
  • Royalty
  • Celebrities
  • Movers and Shakers

Creative Web Designers In The Hair Sector

Depending on the kind of clients you are looking for would dictate the kind of web design agency that is chosen.

For freelance hair dressers, a smaller agency is good, but one that has done website design for hair care companies in the past.

If you run a more high profile hair salon, then it may be best talking to someone that has experience in working in the hair and beauty industry.  They will have a better idea of how to tailor it to the kind of clients that you wish to attract, take high qualify photos and ensure that the image of the salon is reflected through the design of the website.

If you are interested in getting quotes for either a new website, or a re-design for your hair salon, just fill in the form.

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