Choosing The Right Graphic Designer

Choosing The Right Graphic DesignerDid You Need Help In Choosing The Right Graphic Design Agency For Your Business?

Choosing the right graphic design agency can be tricky.  If you looking for a graphic designer to help you (whether it be designing a new brochure, packaging, an advert) you are faced with the difficulty of who to use.  

The important thing is choosing the right graphic designer for the job.

  • Do you use someone local?
  • Do you go with a recommendation?
  • Do you go with someone off the internet?
  • Be clear with your goals and expectations?
  • What kind of graphic design skill do you need?
  • Does the agency think on it’s feet?
  • Don’t just rely on a designers portfolio
  • Ask for a trial period
  • Meet the agency

Choosing the right graphic designer can take some time, so a few thoughts before hand should help you find the right one.

Historically graphic design was pen and paper, now it is almost all digital.  

Have a look at a few agencies on the web; browse their portfolios and get a feel for what sort of options there are.  Getting a feel for what you like the look of will help you bring your idea to life.  

Don’t go with the first design company that google shows you.

Many people feel that by going with a recommendation, they are choosing the right graphic designer.

Recommendations are normally not a great route, due to the fact that the design that was done for one company may not be suited to another. 

So just because a friend recommended an agency to you based on the work they did, does not mean the results will be as good for you.  So you are best off doing a little research yourself and finding the right local graphic design company for you.

Using someone local is always a good option; there are thousands and thousands of designers around so finding a local designer should not be difficult at all.  

Finding the right graphic design company could take time however.

Once you have found 3-4 companies that are local and that you like the designs; get them to put a quote together for you to compare graphic design prices

This should give you a feel for the market value of the project.  All charge differently so you may well be surprised at the variety of prices that do come back.

Once you have got the best quote, the next thing would be to organise a visit to meet with them. 

Meeting them at their studio is always advised as you can get a feel for how they work, what their team is like (if they have one) and what the culture of the firm is like.

Industry Experience

One thing that is advised during choosing the right designer, is finding someone that has experience in your industry sector.  

Choosing the right graphic designer comes down to their knowledge of your service or product.  This would make it easier for them to understand your product/service and in tern, produce a better result. 

Once you meet with them, you can chat about their experience and get a feel for their level of understanding (this is something that will be easier to get a feel of rather than what they say over the phone/e-mail).

Once you have met the agency are happy with how the meeting went, their level of experience – it may be good to chat to some of their past clients. 

Testimonials from them always speak stronger than what they say about themselves.  However even brand new graphic designers seem to have glowing testimonials, so this is not enough.

How did their past clients find them to work with, did they design on time and on spec, did the campaign produce results.

Sometimes they may come up with designs that look odd, but the main thing to keep in mind is will they work.  Even if the campaigns are not quite what you wanted, if they produce results then that is what counts.

Does the designer work with a local printing company?  Are they any good?

Compare Multiple Prices

Choosing the right graphic designer does involve looking at prices.  As prices vary so much, shopping around is important.  As a creative marketing comparison site, we want to help you find the right agency.

It is not all about price though, the cheapest agency is not going to be the one to choose (as you may do with car insurance) but the most expensive agency is not going to deliver guaranteed results.

There are many factors involved with choosing the right agency; it is not all about price but about the end result. 

There is no point getting something produced cheap if it does not work (whether you are looking at branding companies for updating your brand, a packaging design or a logo).

Finding the right company for the job is what counts, if you can find them for the right price then even better.

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