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The most common use of POS (point of sale displays) is within the retail industry.  Talking to a local graphic design agency will be wise for getting the best one.

Any time you go into a shop, you will see them, any shop.  Capturing customers attention whilst in a busy shopping centre is difficult with busy crowds.  Music, lights and a million other adverts/displays coming into eyesight; getting customers to stop for 2-3 seconds is all that is needed.

Graphic designers can design and produce them for shops, manufacturers and other re-sellers that are looking to capture retails customers attention.

What Point Of Sale Displays Are Used For

Display Stands

They can be used to ‘spruce’ up the display (backdrop displays, light boxes, bright coloured graphics) to try and ensure that your display stands out from all the background noise.  Point of sale stands can be used to market a multitude of products:

  • Sun glasses
  • Food/beverage products (sweets etc.)
  • Clothes
  • DVD’s
  • Watches

Any product that is small and able to fit onto a table would be suitable for POS.  

That means around 3,000 retail products. Many businesses (such as jewellery shops for example) use very particular sorts of equipment.  

Shops like Beaverbrooks use them to display their watches.  Sweet shops or music shops like HMV would use them to display their products.

Selfridges are known for their elaborate window scenes.

Therefore POS equipment may be fashioned out of products such as metal, glass, expensive wood and decorated with custom lighting and interior decoration (such as fine cloths or fur).

POS equipment is also used on exhibition stands to showcase products and in the same way to draw attention to brochures, product material and even the products themselves.  Exhibition stand designers can help with selecting the right POS display for your application.

Cost Of POS Displays

All POS equipment is different; different materials, different sizes, with or without lighting so prices would be based on the specification.  As a creative marketing comparison website, we aim to find you the right agency, not necessarily the cheapest. 

It is advised to have an idea of the sort of POS display you are looking for, and then you can compare quotes and choose the best designer.

By completing the form opposite local graphic design prices can be put together along with ideas free of charge for you to consider.

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