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Graphic design prices do vary from agency to agency.  Many companies do not really know what the costs are associated with creative design or in the background and planning work that is done.

 Graphic design prices do vary considerably, so we do advise you shopping around to compare quotes.  Did you need help to find out what is graphic design and why to shop around?

Where possible, working with a local graphic design agency is always best.

All agencies are different, different sizes, different services and they all produce very different work.  Choosing the right graphic designer does not come down to just price.  Below are some guideline costs as to what the price of graphic design would be (very broadly speaking).

Corporate ID And Branding Costs

Branding would be the complete look and feel of your company, from the slogan, to company logo, colour scheme and stationery design.  A very simple brand could be designed for around £500 – £1000 but this can go up to £30,000 if you are a global brand and are looking for the whole shooting match.

Amazon has a subtle A – Z in their logo, simple yet effective.

Branding and corporate ID does not need to be massively expensive, Nike had their logo (the swoosh) designed by a university student initially.  Of course things have moved on since then, but that gives a feel for what can be done.  We do advise comparing graphic design prices for branding and corporate ID.

Brochure Design

Brochures are priced depending on the size, number of pages, design work involved and the printing.  A very rough guide would be a 3-5 page brochure fully designed and produced for £1,000.  However the cost per brochure would also depend on numbers you are ordering.

Company Stationery

Corporate stationery would generally involve the physical marketing materials (letterheads, comp slips, business cards etc.) and this can cost anything from around £1,000 upwards depending on which agency you choose and how much research/planning you want done.

Packaging Design

Packaging design would be based on the size of the package, the number of sides that would have designs on and also the agency you choose.  Basic designs can be found for as little as £1000 however this can go up.

Logo Design

Logos can be created by most design companies; however there are designers that focus on only producing logos.  A logo can cost anywhere from £50 up to thousands depending on the amount of planning you want to go into it.

Advert Design

Adverts would generally be used for magazines and would be subject to any extras such as photography.  Basic advert design can be as little as £500 however this can go up depending on numbers of adverts you want to designed, the sort of designer you choose etc.

All graphic designers are different and do have different rates.  It is always good to have an idea of exactly what you are looking for and a very rough budget of what you want to spend.  Once you have this, you can get a few good agencies to put some quotes together for you.  

Quality does not have to be expensive.  Allowing you to select the best agency based on their service, their design concepts and of course the price.

We want to help you find a high quality graphic design agency.  To get quotes and advice and graphic design prices, just fill in the form.

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