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Marketing for accountants is very important, as the industry is becoming increasingly competitive.  Accountants are not marketers, they need professionals to generate leads for them.  

The difficulty however is finding the ‘right’ marketing agency, as there are so many around the UK.  We always advise using an agency that knows the accounting sector.

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Is Marketing For Accountants Needed?

Marketing for accountants is all about generating a buzz.  It is about generating interest from potential customers.  As the financial sector is so competitive, marketing is required.  

Whether you are a KPMG, Ernst & Young or a sole trader working from home, marketing for accountants is necessary.

Options For Your Practice

There are wide range of marketing options available to you, each one is unique, and needs industry knowledge in order to be effective.

Traditional Advertising

Advertising for accountants in the UK is important in order to stand out.  There are different sorts of advertising, traditional or digital.  Both can be very effective but both carry risks.

An Efficient Website

In today’s technological world, websites are an essential tool for any business.  

10 years ago it did not matter if you had a website or not, 20 years ago no-one had a website, but now they are required.  

You need to have a good call to action.  Why is the client going to make an enquiry with you, what is convincing them you are the accountant for them?  

You need to have case studies, or some recognisable names to give you credibility.

People expect to see your website, and it has to be appealing, informative and inspiring.  A website is your shop window; showing people what your firm is like.  Testimonials are important, to show your are a quality accountant.

Concerning website design for accountants, everyone needs to have a one.

In order to showcase your services and show your presence on the web.

The website design has to be modern as people can spot an old website or one that is cheap.

Public Relations And The Media

Public relations is a very effective tool for almost any accountant of any size.  It is very targeted, fairly low cost and quick to show returns.  It is considered to be one of the most powerful marketing tools. 

Many PR agencies have realised you need media support and have specialised to provide PR for accountants.

PR can be used both on-line and offline, both being powerful in their own way.  

We have seen how companies like KPMG or Deloitte are mentioned in the media, normally for closure of companies like  ToysRus.  But then, that is media publicity, good or bad.

Optimising Your Website

Most people when looking for an accountant turn to the internet. The difficulty that many accountants face is that the competition from all the other practices.  SEO for accountants is very important in order for you to stand out, and appear on page 1 of your local search resultts.  

What is the point in you having a nicely designed and functioning website if you have no-one visiting it.  

SEO is about getting your accountancy practice at the top of the first page for your search term.  Whether this is ‘accountants in Bath’ or ‘accountants in York’.  If you do not have an online presence, you will struggle.  This links into your ‘keywords‘ in terms of the search phrases will use to find your website.

SEO companies that know the accountancy sector should have a good idea what kind of keywords you need to be found for.  They will conduct an SEO audit (to find out what you need doing) then do onsite and offsite SEO to get you there.

So much business is now conducted on the internet these days (rather than referrals or post) that if you are not visible, then clients go to your competitors.

Paid Internet Advertising (PPC)

Paid internet advertising is a quick way for you to get onto page 1 of Google for your search terms/keywords.  It is a great way to quickly get visitors to your website.  

SEO takes time, and (depending on your competition) could take money.

Within a few minutes you can get potential clients. Pay per click marketing for accountants can get instant visibility for any keyword or search phrase within minutes making it a short cut to page 1.  

PPC advertising is an important part of marketing for accountants, and does not have to be expensive.

Paid internet advertising does not just have to be on the main search engines.  It could be on social networking sites also.  

Facebook advertising for accountants is popular.  Targeting websites like Linkedin would be good, as these are more B2B networking sites.

Other social media platforms like TikTok are proving popular.

Telemarketing And Lead Generation

At the end of the day, it all comes down to lead generation.  That is really what accountants are looking for with their marketing.  The most direct form of generating new business is telemarketing.

Many accountants find that telemarketing is a great way to generate new prospective clients.  Most would use this for outbound calling to generate new leads and business prospects. 

Telemarketing for accountants can be a very effective way to quickly generate meetings and new business enquiries.  This could either be doing up larger companies, or smaller businesses (SME’s).  

Generally all accountants are going to be looking to expand, therefore targeting larger companies is always preferred.  But this is down to preference.  

The main thing is the database that the accountant has.  If there is not database to work from, then it will be a cold start and results may well take time.  

Marketing data can be purchased, however from a cold start, this will take time.

Lead generation for accountants is essential.  For smaller firms, this can be a very quick and effective way to find new and local clients.  There are several companies that have experience in doing telemarketing for accountants.

Brochures And Promotional Literature

All accountants (with the exception for freelancers) need to have brochures. Either to showcase your services, give a company profile, brochures for events or updates. 

Brochures for accountants can be a very effective marketing tool, in a world that is becoming more and more on-line based.

People still like to touch and feel a hard copy (rather than read a PDF on the computer).

Depending on the size of accountancy firm will relate to the size of the brochure or leaflet.  

Larger firms or global firms need to have them to project that global professional image.  Smaller accountant firms would maybe need a small leaflet or brochure.

We do advise talking to a few different agencies, in order to get a few different quotes and proposals to compare.


E-marketing for accountants is a very cost effective form of marketing.  This can be used for communication to existing client (notification of tax returns or PAYE changes).  It can also be used for prospecting of new clients.

Get Quotes On Marketing Today

Marketing for accountants is essential and does not have to be expensive..

We do advise shopping around and getting quotes.  All marketing companies are privately owned, therefore they set their own fees.  

You could get the same results from two different marketing companies and pay tens of thousands of pounds difference a month.  

This is why we advise shopping around.  

The cheapest agency does not make them the best.  Neither do you get what you pay for (go with the most expensive agency will guarantee you the best ROI).  

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