Telemarketing For Small Companies

Telemarketing For Small CompaniesTelemarketing Can Boost Your Sales

Smaller businesses often struggle with marketing and lead generation; however there are many telemarketing companies in the UK that specialise in telemarketing for small companies.

Compare quotes and advice from 5 agencies that know your industry sector.

If you’re a small or a new company looking to boost sales leads have a look at our honest advice before hiring a expert.

Many agencies offer affordable packages for lead generation, to include outbound telemarketing (contacting your potential customers on the phone) and e-mail marketing.

Rather than spending time on search engines like google, let us help.

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Why Is Telemarketing For Small Businesses Important?

Have you had any telemarketing training yourself?  It can help you sell your products or services, find new customers, and place your business face to face in front of new clients.

They will help you define your market place and will work to understand your position and USPs compared to your competitors.

It one of the oldest and most popular marketing techniques to grow your business for the simple reason that it works.

Can I Look Into Commission Only Or Risk Free?

If you’re a small or new business, while you would love a few customers under your belt, you won’t be keen on the cost associated with calling which is why many small or new businesses ask about commission only or no risk free telemarketing.

You may assume that if an agency is confident in their ability to produce results then they would have no problem in doing commission only telemarketing. Though we know all too well that isn’t true.

With over 11 years’ experience in providing quotes, we know that companies in the UK do not take the risk with offering commission only telemarketing.

This isn’t about the lack of confidence in their own abilities, it’s about having the stability of income. You can read more about commission only telemarketing here.

Sadly it is only estate agent that work on a commission only basis here in the UK.

What Are The Other Options?

Telemarketing for small companies can be challenging.  Some businesses like to try:

  • Pay Per Lead Agencies
    There aren’t many but a few agencies do offer a pay per lead telemarketing service.  With this, you can ensure that you are taking less risks than a pay per day route.
  • Pay Per Appointment Agencies
    Like pay per lead, there are only a few companies that do offer a pay per appointment service.  The few that do are very selective about the clients they work with (choosing the ones that would net the best returns); but it is a good solution and less risky.

It’s important to remember that with this service, closing the appointment to a sale would be in your hands and even if the agency arrange you 10 meetings. If you close none of them, you will still have to pay the arranged fee.

There may therefore be disputes on the types of leads or types of appointments if they turn out to be unsuccessful.

The other options are a pay per day rate or a pay per month route; however with limited funds it may be to greater risk to go for either of these options.

What About A Small Budget

All agencies are different and many are used to working with small businesses to help them grow from fledgling start-ups to thriving plc’s; so it is worth being open and honest.

This is the approach we recommend.  Telemarketing prices do vary from agency to agency, so it is a case of your getting a good idea of what they will deliver for the money they ask.

It is always worth talking to an agency about telemarketing for small companies (and even meeting them) so as to get a feel for if they can deliver the results you need.  Telemarketing can be expensive for a small company.

There is the danger that if the agency knows you do not have a lot of money.  They will know your relationship is unlikely to be long term, therefore they may not spend a lot of time on planning, focus etc.  So in many ways, it is better to keep your financial affairs to yourself.

How Can I Get Quotes From Agencies?

To start creating new business opportunities for your business simply tell us your needs and get five 5 quotes from local agencies who are eager to work with you to grow your business.

There’s no obligation to choose an agency, though with hundreds of professional telemarketing experts on our books we are sure you’ll find the right agency for your business.

We have put together some lead generation tips that may be helpful.

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