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There are over 450 outbound telemarketing companies in the UK.  

A quick search on the internet will show lots of telemarketing agencies dotted around the UK.  But which one do you choose?

The top agency, or perhaps one that is in the same town as you?

Finding the right one for your business may well be a time consuming job, as you have your criteria.  

We can help, by getting you quotes from local outbound telemarketing companies that know your industry sector.

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Why Do You Need Outbound Telemarketing

It is normally all about getting new customers and orders (lead generation) or in getting information, meetings or sales leads. 

Many businesses require either of these (or both in some cases) and the need is growing as new businesses pop up.  Your competition is growing in numbers and in their orders and you may need to catch up, this is where outbound telemarketing can help.

Employing staff directly is ideal, however considering the recruitment costs, training costs, staff costs, sick leave etc. outsourcing telemarketing can be a better option.  

Also, good telemarketing staff are hard to find, as any business owner will relate to.  It is also a great way of looking after your customers, and keep in touch.

How Would It Work?

This form of marketing is virtually instant, by contacting a client, an enquiry or order may (just may) be generated on the spot. 

Telemarketing should produce results within days or weeks, unlike other forms of marketing that could take weeks, months or even years to yield returns.

Normally there is a sales cycle to go through, but cold calling companies is a number game. 

The more calls that are churned out each day, the more orders/enquiries should come.  As long as you have good data available, leads could be generated the very day the campaign starts.

Assuming you have good marketing data, a few warm leads, telemarketing should pick up momentum quickly, generating enquiries within days or weeks.

How Much Would Outbound Telemarketing Cost?

Telemarketing prices will vary depending on the agency that is selected and the size of the campaign. 

All outbound telemarketing companies are privately owned, and set their own fees based on their costs, their overheads and profit margins.

Some charge £150 per day, others £600.  However you do not get what you pay for, the most expensive quote does not mean they will be the best.

It is all about finding the ‘right’ telemarketing company for you, one that knows your industry and has a track record of going outbound telemarketing successfully.

Some Tips On Outbound Telemarketing

For anyone doing outbound telemarketing, here are a few tips that may be helpful:

  • Know Who You Are Targeting

Anyone doing outbound telemarketing needs to have a target audience.  You can waste a lot of time in researching the wrong contacts or calling the wrong sort of prospects.  Targeting the right sort of prospects and the right size prospects is very important.  Otherwise it is just wasted time.  This is all to do with planning your telemarketing campaign correctly, failure to prepare is the same as preparing to fail.

  • Not Listening To Answers

God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason, we should listen twice as much as we talk and this is certainly the case when it comes to selling, especially when it comes to telemarketing.  You cannot see body language or facial expressions, you are just going off what people say and how they say it.  If you are explaining all the benefits of the product or service you are representing and not listening to answers is a rookie mistake.

  • Following A Script

For all telemarketing, a script is necessary, not necessarily to religiously follow to the letter, but as a guide.  Seasoned telemarketing may feel they do not need a script, or if they have been working on an account they can find their own pattern.  Both of these are dangerous.  A script gives a pattern and covers all objections, which should have a good response to turn around.  Selling over the phone should be a ping pong question and answer back and forth, so it is a flowing conversation rather than a sales pitch.

  • Know Your Stuff

If you call a prospect, you need to know what you are walking into.  Do you know the company, have you looked at their website, do you know their products, services, company size and layout?  Doing a bit of research about a company is important.  True you could spend 5 minutes researching a company only to be told that the prospect is on their annual leave for the next two weeks.  You may consider this wasted time, but the next time you call, you should be able to remember 30-50% of the research. 

Compare Multiple Quotes

We do advise getting a few quotes from different outbound telemarketing agencies, in order to get a feel for different proposals and prices.  

All telemarketing companies are different.  Some work in the medical sector, some finance, some have just started trading, some have been running 20+ years.

The top telemarketing company on Google is not necessarily the best.  The most expensive telemarketing company does not make them the best, assuming you get what you pay for in this world.

Price comparison is popular in many fields, lead generation quotes is no different.  

Compare the market and save.  Rather than spending time on google, let us help.  

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