Video Tutorials On A Website

Video Tutorials On A WebsiteHaving Video Tutorials On Your Website

One thing that has become more common in recent years, are sites which incorporate video tutorials.

What this means is that when you load up a website, a man or woman starts talking to you about the site or products.  

This is normally a model or actor who has been recorded in a studio, to clearly and quickly present information about the website, or the products or services that are being marketed.

As internet speeds have increased, videos can load much quicker now than they did say 5 years ago; slow speed was a major drawback of having moving images/tutorials on a website.

Benefits Of Video Tutorials

For many people, there can never be enough time to wade through your site trying to find out what you do.  Where are you based?  What you have to offer?  How much it might cost and how well it works?

People are already overloaded with information, and often prefer to be led instead of told.

Apparently if someone visits your site they will make up their mind to stay or go within a few seconds;

That is all the time you have with that customer.  If your website does not answer their questions quickly, then they are off, presumably to your competitor.

Video tutorials could explain to someone in a few seconds the answer to their questions.  Telling them precisely and smoothly what they are looking for.

Research has shown that having such a quick tutorial increases conversions, so it is well worth considering.

Google looks at things like page linger (how long people stay on your website or go from page to page).

Using video tutorials to help your SEO brings more website visitors in a positive way.  Videos will keep people on your website longer, therefore Google should rank you higher as a result.

Downsides Of Video Tutorials

However, some people are put off by them.

Video tutorials do sometimes sneak up on you.  If you go onto a site and then BANG.  

A disembodied voice starts talking to you, or music starts playing, perhaps drowning out what you were already listening to.  

For many people this can be annoying, and it can put off some people from staying on a website.

Also some videos tutorials can be quite long, resulting in a scramble to find the pause or stop button  Even worse, the visitor may navigate away from your website.

Including video tutorials on a website can slow a website down.  Depending on the visitor’s internet connection speed they may find the website loading slowly, which could put them off.

 So not an easy decision to make.

Seek Professional Advice

Having video tutorials loaded onto a website has to be a personal choice. There are positives and negatives for each; however, there are a few considerations to bear in mind:

  • Get a professional company to put it together – do not do one yourself.
  • Decide if you want to have it on your home page or on an inside page, such as the ‘about us’ page.
  • Consider using a model or actor on it, if you are not attractive!
  • Get it linked onto YouTube and other networking sites like Instagram
  • When talking to web designers about including a video, be sure to compare quotes.

What To Say

The best advice for what to say on video tutorials would be the following:

  • Who you are – the company
  • Where you are
  • What you do
  • How you can help

The KISS principle applies (keep it simple stupid); no-one likes waffle and as the time of your customer is precious, get to the point quickly and without beating round the bush.

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