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Website design for charities is important and needs to be done by experienced website design agencies.  

As there are over 10,000 web designers in the UK to consider, finding the best agency could take time.  

We can help by getting you quotes from experts that are local to you and experienced in doing web design for UK charities and charitable organisations.

If your charity needs website design either for a new one, or a website re-design, why not talk to designers that have experience in the non-profit sector.  Just fill in the form and we will get you 5 quotes to compare.

Why It Is Important

There are 2 main reasons for you having one.

  • To make it easer for people to make online donations
  • To let donors know what you represent and why they should donate to you rather than another.

It would look very odd if you did not have one.  

People want to see what you represent, what you stand for.  They want to see where the donations are used, and importantly what proportion of donations are absorbed in running your charity.

People also need to be attracted to you, rather than one of the other thousands of UK and international charities they could choose to give their money to.

Features You Need

The problem that you face is the fact that the set up will cost money.  

Creative agencies will still charge for their time, skills and contributions as they are private companies, and cannot reasonably work for free, even though you are a charity.  

Some offer the initial design for free, as part of a donation or as part of a sponsorship.  They may offer to work at a discount, but there are still cost implications that have to be met. 

There are then further considerations such as SEO work, updates, paid advertising for the website.  Again this all costs money.  

The design and set up is only the start, there are still lot of other marketing factors that will be part of having an efficient website.


In the UK there are over 180,000 charities, and all can be considered to be in competition with each other, in order to generate funds both for administration and for their cause. 

As such, marketing is necessary, especially for the larger charities (see  

Advertising costs money, websites cost money and ongoing marketing costs.

For this reason, you need a website in place and it does need to stand out in the crowd.  It needs to communicate your message, encourage support, inspire volunteers and hopefully result in lots of donations.

How Much Will It Cost?

Very few agencies will do work for free, based on the amount of work involved plus the ongoing costs. 

Your site will need constant attention and modification; all of which costs money. 

As agencies do need to cover their costs and grow their own businesses, you will need to be selective on who to use.

Basic websites can cost under £100; however web design for charities will require (in most cases) a payment gateway for donors to make donation to your charitable cause.

We do advise that you talk to website design agencies who have produced sites for other charities in the past.  

If the designer knows about marketing for charities, knows what is required on your site, and how to create impact, this will make you stand out.  This should hopefully generate results rather than just look pretty.  They should know how to turn website visitors into paying donors

Compare Prices

Shopping around and comparing quotes is important. 

You do not want to have a cheap looking website, it does need to look professional.  All marketing agencies set their own fees, so it is wise to shop around and compare quotes.

Key Features

There are a few features that your site needs to have:

  • Information

You need to provide detailed information about the charitable cause your represent, your goals and vision, what you stand for, who works for you, where you donate funds, and what proportion of the income goes to the cause over what is spent on administration.

  • Design

Your website needs to look modern, professional and appealing.  No one will donate to you on a poorly designed site or one that has spelling errors on it.  Also if it does not look appealing, people will be unwilling to put their card details on it.

  • Pledge

You need to ask for money in a subtle way; not by begging, but by appealing to visitors and drawing them into your cause.  This is part and parcel of marketing, by drawing people in and persuading them to share your passion. These all need to be considered during the initial brainstorm with the agency, and it has to be done right, otherwise you will have a website that does not work, by converting website visitors to become regular donors or volunteers. Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes on web design for your charity.

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