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Website design for restaurants is essential as the number of people that book online increases.  People want to see your menu, see some history about your restaurant and book a table.  Website design for restaurants needs to be creative, in line with the kind of food you produce. Just fill in the form to talk with website designers that know the food and restaurant industry.
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Do Restaurants Need Websites?

Websites play a different role than they would with other sort of businesses.  They are not there for lead generation of for boosting orders, but more for information.  However the design of the site is important, if it is a bad design, people will think the food is poor quality. They are expected these day’s for any business (with the exception of corner shops, fish and chip shops) and when it comes to eating out, people do expect there to be a site to provide information about the your food and facilities:
  • Location – Directions to find you.
  • Pictures – Photo’s of the dining area, of the food, or the chefs, of the owners, (a picture speaks a thousand words)
  • Food Information – What kind of food is served, what style, nutritional content, where is it sourced?
  • Prices – How much does a meal cost, are there offers, are there restrictions on Sundays.
  • Wine/Drinks – What kind of wines are sold, how much do they cost, are they vintage wines?
The more information you can provide on about your food and the whole dining experience, the more involved potential customers will feel.  Consider restaurants like Rick Stein, Nandos and The Hand And Flowers.  All are themed towards their customers. Social media also is linked to the site, in terms of what you are doing in the local community, what you feel about local social issues, how you can improve.  However pictures are important, and your site does need to have good quality pictures of the food and the building in order to reach out.  Website design for restaurants is essential.

Choosing A Company

When considering getting a site set up (or re-designed) there is the problem on who to use. There are tens of thousands of them around the UK ranging from freelancers up to massive global website designers in London that work with top brands. Good advice would be to talk to a few different agencies and getting different ideas together; but talking to ones that have produced similar sites in the past.  If they know about restaurant marketing and how to design a site for you that will look right and work right, then that is the one to talk to. Designing a site for you is different to a site for a medical company; the site needs to look right, project the image and atmosphere of the dining experience, project the brand and give the visitor a glimpse into the essence of what you are about. Sites can be designed at a distance, it is not necessary to meet with a designer to get a site set up. However how do you know for sure that the company you are paying thousands of pounds for is not a student working from home?  Many designers make claims such as ‘we are the UK’s top designer’ or ‘we are Google approved’; so meeting them and ensuring that what they claim on their site is 100% accurate and can be justified (rather than sales waffle).

Compare Prices On Website Design For Restaurants

When comparing website design prices, it is also wise to ask for some referrals from current clients.  How do their current clients find their design services, are they happy with their websites, are the sites doing what they should do, are they worth the investment? Website Designers are private companies, and need to make profit – so shopping around and comparing quotes is essential to avoid adding to someone’s next holiday.

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