Website Design For White Goods Companies

Website Design For White Goods CompaniesWebsite Design For White Goods

With the thousands of web design agencies around the UK to choose from, website design for white goods companies needs to be approached in a unique way.  

The household appliance sector is very large in the UK, and is growing year on year with the growth of new appliances.  

As such, a corporate design is required, and using an experienced web expert is essential, one that has done website design for white goods companies in the past.  

The media can be a powerful tool, so using public relations for your white goods company can be linked into the message on your website.

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A Corporate Approach With Household Appliances

Selling domestic appliances such as washing machines, cookers and refrigerators the sector is growing year on year.

Your website is your main shop.  Since most are not bought online and companies do not need physical shops, apart from shops such as Curries, standing out is important.  

In today’s world many people are confident to purchase their household appliances  from on-line retailers, although they may have inspected the model in a high street shop!  Amazon is also a popular go-to place for items.

The problem is, there are a lot of competitors around, so each one needs to have a great site; one that is easy to find, easy to navigate and easy to place an order direct.

Key Features Of Your Website

Most white goods are fairly expensive household items, products that people will purchase with a view of keeping for 5-10 years, often more with expensive ones.  Therefore you need to ensure that the site has the following features:

  • Design – the design of the site needs to look ‘the business’, look professional, attractive and appealing
  • Usability – it needs to be easy to use, some people are not very computer literate.
  • Visibility – it needs to be highly visible on the web, probably through SEO and PPC, to attract potential customers
  • Confidence – it is selling high value products, therefore needs to have a secure area, look reliable and seem trustworthy

The dangers for many is that either they are not getting enough visitors to their sites, or the ones that do visit are not committing. 

These two points can be solved by conforming to the above points, all of which are issues easily resolved. 

Choosing A Web Design Expert

There are over 20,000 web design companies in the UK, of varying sizes from top website designers in London who work with global brands, down to freelancers working from their bedroom; and everything in-between.

When considering which web company to select, it is wise to select one who has worked within the sector in the past. They will have a better idea of which designs work well to produce effective results.

Meeting A Web Design Company

It is helpful to meet up with your chosen web expert, for several reasons:

  • Peace Of Mind – many use virtual addresses these days, and their own sites can say anything; so by meeting them you can be assured that are all they claim to be on their site
  • Relationship – if you are investing into someone, you need to be satisfied that this is someone who you can relate to easily in a business sense.  This cannot really be done purely by means of e-mail or phone, so having the face to face contact can only add value
  • Meet The Team – know who the designers are and ensure they know you – this will add value when dealing with them
  • Value For Money – many creative companies shy away from meetings, as they take up time.  By meeting the designer, you can command 100% of their focus, which will bring value for money as they are then more committed

E-mail and phone are great communication tools, but having a face to face meeting to discuss strategy, layout and design ideas will ensure that the it is as good as it can be, and not just another website created as quickly as possible.

Compare Web Design Costs From Experts

All web experts set their own prices, there are no standard rates when it comes to design, so shopping around is important to determine average costs.

Website design prices tend to vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the agency.  Freelancers have lower overheads, therefore usually charge less

While large agencies, with expensive offices and high staff costs, tend to charge more.  But then they may have more experience and facilities available to create a superior website.

Having a cheap website designed is not advised; as a website is your shop window, quality is important. 

Paying a reasonable price for a great site is the line to follow.  However this cannot be achieved without comparing quotes from local design experts that have experience in designing sites in the household appliance industry.

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