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There are over 300 website designers in Edinburgh of varying size, from start-up designers who have just left university, to larger web studios that work with top brands around the world.  

Since new talent is coming from the university of Edinburgh each year, there is lots of choice.

Finding the ‘right’ agency can be a challenge.  Which one do you select?  The cheapest?

This is where we can help, by getting you quotes from a few local agencies.

Just fill out the form to get free advice from local web companies in Edinburgh that know your industry sector.

What Kind Of Website Do You Need?

Are you an established company that needs something more bespoke?  Are you a new company on a budget?

Some of the following points should be considered when getting quotes:

  • How many pages are needed?
  • Would you like regular content created?
  • What about social media ‘tweeting’?
  • Do you need a payment gateway?

We want to help you find the ‘right’ web designer in Edinburgh for you, not necessarily the cheapest.  We have put together 7 tips on choosing a web design company in Edinburgh that may help you.

What Web Platform Is Needed?

35% of all websites are built using WordPress, which is a well established platform. There are over 15,000 plugins to customise your website and make it truly unique.

Joomla is another web platform that is available to both large corporates, and small companies in Edinburgh.

Webflow is another popular web platform that is used by web agencies in Edinburgh, and nationally.  It is used by over 3.5 million designers around the world.

We do advise talking to different agencies, to get a good feel for which platform is best for you, for your products and your services.

Compare Prices Locally

All web design agencies in Scotland set their own prices; large agencies normally charge more than freelancers due to their experience, resources and overheads.

There is no industry standard for web design so it is good to shop around and find a local designer that is cost effective for your budget, as website design prices do vary.

Choosing a web designer that is right is important in order to get the right look and feel for your site.

For free quotes from local website designers in Edinburgh, just fill out the form.

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