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With thousands of website designers in Hampshire, it is wise to find a local agency that has experience in your industry sector.  From the variety of website designers in Hampshire to choose from, selecting the right agency could take time.  In addition there are many branding companies in Hampshire that offer web design in addition to other marketing services.

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There are over 2000 website designers in Hampshire to choose from,  mainly concentrated in the following cities:

  • Portsmouth
  • Southampton
  • Winchester
  • Reading
  • Basingstoke
  • Andover
website designers in hampshire

Most of the website design agencies are SME’s and smaller design studios. However many design agencies have taken on additional marketing resources, such as graphic design and advertising services, so as to be able to offer larger clients a ‘one stop shop’ resource of marketing services under one roof. Some designers work with WordPress platforms, others Joomla.

Selecting From Website Designers In Hampshire

Being based in Hampshire there is certainly a wide choice of website designers to select from; all have different skills, different experience and different resources available.

Many website designers offer ‘free hosting’ with websites; this can save time and hassle in sorting out hosting facilities, capacities and costs, although hosting is normally fairly inexpensive.

Care needs to be taken in selecting a website designer. Although Hampshire has good transport roots (M4, M3, A3) using one that is within striking distance is always better than one at the other end of the county.  Another consideration is the experience and background that the design agency has. Do they have clients on their books that are similar to yours? Do they know much about your industry and the way your industry works?  As there are thousands of designers to choose from, it is worth talking to a few that know their way around your market place.

Compare Prices From Local Agencies

As there are so many website designers in Hampshire, web design prices will range considerably.   From budget costs up to high end costs from agencies that work with blue chip companies. There is the need therefore to shop around and get an idea of what kind of website you can have designed that fallls into your budget.  Setting a ceiling on your budget is important as web design costs can escalate quickly.

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A Few Words About Hampshire

The county is situated on the south coast of England and is recorded as one of the first Saxon ‘Shires’.  Known for its rolling hills and chalk Downs, Hampshire has a varied history.  The county town is Winchester which was the capital of England before London.  Hampshire has a lot of historical sites of interest, Norman castles, the Royal Navy dockyards in Portsmouth, and the expanses of Salisbury plains stretching into Wiltshire.  It has nearly 2 million people and low unemployment despite the recession.

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