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There over over 100 branding agencies in Hampshire.  

Many of the design agencies are small design studios that operate from rented offices, or freelancers.  

We always advise that when considering branding companies in Hampshire, you choose an agency that knows your industry sector.

Most of the brand development agencies around the county are SME’s and smaller design studios however there are a number of full service agencies.  These agencies offer additional support services to branding such as PR, advertising and website design. 

Choosing A Local Expert

Being based in Hampshire, it does make good sense to select from the many many branding agencies in Hampshire that are local.  

Rather than considering branding agencies in London, choose someone local.  

Having someone local means that you can visit them.  Meetings play an important part in branding.  It gives you the chance to talk through ideas, look at competitors and plan a marketing strategy with brand awareness.

The main thing to consider when looking into using any branding companies in Hampshire, is their track record.  

Do they know about your industry.  Have they worked for similar companies to yours before?  Do they know about your competitors and how they are positioning themselves in the industry?  

These are important questions that do need to be considered.  

Many designers specialise in certain industries.  Branding for medical companies; why would you use this designer if you are an architect?  Select an agency that knows your market.

Compare Multiple Quotes From Branding Agencies In Hampshire

Branding can be an expensive process (certainly for larger businesses) as there is a lot more to it than changing the colours on a website or text in a brochure.

Branding is about the overall image and impression a business is sending out and impacts all areas of the marketing.  

It is wise to shop around and compare branding prices.  However bear in mind that the cheapest does not necessarily mean the best, but by comparing you can get an idea of a reasonable price to pay.  

All marketing agencies set their own fees.  Normally larger agencies charge more, as they have higher overheads and higher profit margins.  As a price comparison website, we do encourage you to shop around and compare prices.

Hampshire In A Few Words

Hampshire is a county in the south of England. It is known for its green fields, its breweries and its large towns and Cities.  

It covers roughly 1,400 sq miles and has around 2 million people living in it according to council data.  

The boundaries some believe date back to Saxon times in 490 AD.  

However as the Normans began to build their castles, the county of today started to take its modern shape.  

The capital city is Winchester, but the key towns/cities would be:

  • Basingstoke
  • Winchester
  • Southampton
  • Portsmouth
  • Andover

The primary economy is the navy and the MOD around Farnborough however there is a lot of agriculture and dairy farming in the county to this day.

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