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There are around 200 website designers in Wimbledon, most of which are smaller firms and freelancers, but also a number of larger studios that work with top end work.  

There are thousands of web designers in London and as a district it does have a broad variety of agencies available to choose from.  

There are also many web design companies in Sutton that may be suited?

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Choosing A Local Web Designer

As there are so many web design agencies in Wimbledon, care needs to be taken on choosing the right website designer for the job.  

Generally speaking, for smaller businesses, freelancers are going to be more appropriate, as they tend to charge less than the larger studios; and larger ones for larger businesses, owing to their having more resources available.  

It is a fairly pricey area, and marketing costs may well be higher than other areas of the UK, due to higher than average running costs; so it is wise to shop around.

When considering web experts in Wimbledon thought does need to be given to their experience; do they work in your market, what sort of sites have they designed in the past, and how successful are their clients after the design?  

As part of the ‘vetting’ process, it is always advised to go to visit the company (as they are local it is not to much of a problem), to see their offices, meet the web team and to get to know them.  

After a successful initial meeting, why not ask for a few testimonials of current clients.  This should give you a chance to find out what they is like to work with; are they good at taking initiative, speedy at working and is the client getting ROI (return on investment)?

The Next Step – Marketing Your Website

Marketing your website is going to be the biggest challenge, since the internet has billions of websites.  You are not just competing against your competition in Wimbledon, but nationally and globally.

Some web design companies in Wimbledon may be able to help you with your marketing, but digital marketing is a complex process, and is still new and is still evolving as technology moves on.

Appearing in the organic results of the search engine giants like Google and Bing is not automatic, work is required.  You need to prove yourself to the search engines that your website is better than all the others that are already on page 1, 2 and so on.

Digital marketing encompases the following areas:

Ideally you want to appear on page 1 of the search results for your chosen keywords.  But if you are a new business, you start at the back of the listings and have to climb online up the search engine results.

Search engine optimisation is a complicated process without a roadmap.  The search engines modify their algorithm regularly, which explains why the search results do change from time to time.

PPC advertising is also a complicated area with lots of technicalities that require knowledge and experience to set up and run efficiently.  Some web design companies in Wimbledon do offer PPC advertising, but most are not specialists.

Social media is a very powerful marketing tool, used by millions of people around the UK every day.  

Social media influencers are used by many companies both large and small, marketing your goods or services to their millions of followers.

Compare Web Design Prices In Wimbledon

As mentioned, Wimbledon is an expensive area to live (for freelancers) or to own offices, therefore website design prices may be higher than from other areas around the UK.  There are big advantages in using someone that is local and the added loyalty that comes with having a local company; however the cost has to be right.  

It is important to compare web design prices in London, to ensure you get the best site for the best price.

As all are driven by making profits (as most businesses are) care and consideration does need to be given to comparing costs.  The cheapest quote does not mean the worst website, but neither does paying the most expensive price mean the best web design.

We want to help you find the ‘right’ web designer in Wimbledon for your business.

A Quick Overview of Wimbledon

This suburb of London is situated in the West of London, just south of the river Thames with around 300,000 inhabitants (according to recent council stats).  It is famous for tennis championships and is graced by one of the largest areas of common land in London.  It is referred to in the Domesday Book of 1086 as part of the manor of Mortlake.  

The name means ‘Wynnman’s Hill’, the name on the earliest map is ‘Wimbleton’, with the current spelling coming into play in the early 19th century.  It was initially a small town on the outskirts of London which was a stop off point for stagecoaches going between London and Portsmouth.  Later once the railways were created in 1838 (L&SWR) the shift came to growing the town until it was absorbed into London in 1965.

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