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Choosing The Right Promotional Gift For Your NeedsDid You Need Help Choosing The Right Promotional Gift?

Choosing the right promotional gift for the best response is not easy.  What happens if you choose the wrong gift?  

We are all different and certain things will appeal to some of us, and not to others.  Certain colours appeal to some of us, and not to others.

What happens if your campaign does not get the right response, it is money wasted.  

This is why you need advice, from a marketing agency that knows your market and how to get the best response.  Knowing your target audience is important.  Are you just targeting men, or just women.  Are you targeting Gen Z or Gen X?

These are the sort of questions you need to be considering if you want to see a return from your promotional campaign.

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What Vehicle Are You Using?

It’s no mystery that events and exhibitions are one of the best ways to attract potential customers and business partners. However, preparing for such an event is very complex and involves many moving parts. From coming up with a exhibition stand set up to venue fees, companies can spend several months planning their trade show strategy before carrying it out.

Obviously, while there might be more pressing matters, don’t forget about corporate gifts. In fact, giving away promotional items can attract people to your exhibition booth, create engagement opportunities and eventually, increase your brand awareness.

While that might sound easy enough, choosing the right promotional item is harder than it seems. Fortunately, we are here to take a deep dive and teach you more about the things you need to consider when selecting promotional products.

Are you sending promotional products as part of a mailing?  Sending light weight low value gifts in the post has been done for decades and can be beneficial.  However selecting the right gifts is tricky, since trends and technology moves forwards.

What Is A Great Gift To Send?

Choosing the right promotional gift is not so easy.  Branded pens, mouse mats, cups are old school, people and businesses are used to getting them and have been for decades now.

New and innovative ideas are needed in order to impact and engage customers.

Is this the case?

Technology has boomed in the last decade with iPhones, iPads, air pods all being common place.  Somehow a mug with a logo on it does not seem to cut the mustard.

However saying that, do you want to be spending hundreds of pounds on a single gift?

Budget End Gifts

With the above point in mind, going crazy on expensive gifts is not the way forwards, but that does not mean that low value gifts are obsolete.

Pens and umbrellas are still useful and hundreds of companies are happy to give these away as corporate gifts, since they can be used for years.  Most of us are likely to have a mug or two in our cupboards with a company name on it.

High End Gifts

Again, with the above points in mind, high end gifts do have their place.

Let’s go crazy and consider a car.  It may sound like a silly idea, but we have all seen branded cars and trucks on the roads, and the name does stand out.

Indeed most of the companies are large companies, Domino’s Pizza for example or Utility Warehouse are two that spring to mind.

Maybe save that one for a competition, but certainly a branded car will get your name noticed by many thousands of people.  Unless the car is used by an old dear who just uses it to got to and from the supermarket twice a week.

Choosing The Best Tool – For The Job

Going to a hotel and seeing a receptionist using a pen from another company/hotel would seem odd.  So branded pens or standard items are still important, they do still play a roll.

However if the need for your promotional gift is more about promotion and engaging customers, then perhaps something more unique is needed?

The Best Tool For The Job

All promotional gift companies carry a selection of thousands of branded gifts.  These can range from the standard (pens, cups etc.) to the bespoke (cars, mobile phones etc.).  

Choosing the right promotional gift for the occasion is a bit like choosing the right tool for the right job.  Select the wrong gift and you will not get the right results.  Instead of going onto google and trailing through endless websites, let us help.

For free advice from promotional gift companies about choosing the right promotional gift, just fill in the form opposite.  Promotional gifts costs do vary, fill in the form to get quotes.

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