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Promotional gifts for IT companies play an important marketing roll.  

The issue for many IT firms is coming up with creative cost effective branded gifts that are affordable, practical and impacting.

All IT businesses receive pens, cups and these are great, they serve a practical purpose and are used daily. 

The problem is that there are lots of them and they do not serve their marketing purpose. 

There is a need therefore for IT companies to come up with innovative ideas that can impact sales and cause their customers to respond.  

Promotional gifts for IT companies, whether you are Intel, Microsoft, or a small IT repair company, need to be creative.

Some Top Branded Gifts For Your IT Business

Branded gifts for IT companies need to be impactful and be chosen with care.  Here are a few selected items that you could use for your technology business:

  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle – So many people carry around a water bottle these days, particularly in the work place.  Most women carry a water bottle in their handbags these days.  Imaging your logo being in front of thousands of consumers every day.
  • Wireless Smartphone Charging Unit – Everyone has a smartphone these days and since most of us are on them throughout the day, continual charging is necessary and made easier without wires.
  • USB Stick – Rather old fashioned these days but USB sticks are still used by some of us.
  • Earphone Pods – Gone are the days of headphones that are connected via a wire.  Earphone pods are popular and cheaper than the big headphones Gen Z are sporting.
  • Slimline Power Bank – Easy to connect to your smartphone having an additional branded power bank to hand for most of us reduces the panic of not being plugged in.

There are still lots of options for technology companies to use promotional gifts with your logo on, even a website address.

Budget Promotional Gifts

Budget promotional gifts can be just as effective as high end ones, here are a few options for budget promotional gifts:

  • Branded Mugs
  • Branded Umbrellas
  • Branded Golf Balls
  • Branded Pens

Affordable promotional gifts can remain with consumers for years.  Many of us have branded cups and mugs in our cupboards.  Umbrellas can be expensive to buy from the shops and are useful for many months of the year.

High End Promotional Gifts

Sometimes there are situations whereby using higher end branded gifts is a good option.  If you have an event for example and wanted to do a raffle or a sponsored competition.

Here are a few options of higher end promotional gifts:

  • A Branded Car – Indeed this is a high end option, but if done right will carry your brand to millions of people each year.  Driving schools use their branded on cars, as do taxi companies.  Lorries have their banded on their trucks.
  • Mobile Phones – Apple charge for their branded mobile phones, as to Samsung, but there is no reason you cannot put your brand onto a smartphone.
  • Branded Scooters – Very popular these days but your branding on an electric scooter could be an effective way to market your IT business.

Obviously being very selective with high end gifts for your IT business is important, we do not want to break the bank!

Creative Options For IT Companies

Making promotional gifts for IT companies relevant to customer is something that IT companies need to do.  

Rather than just sending the same old cheap gifts to prospects that have a phone number or website on them. Consider how they are received by prospects.

  • Make Gifts Relevant

If you are sending gifts to a software company, think of gifts that are relevant to software (CD’s, a T-shirt with ‘software’ screen-print on it. 

If you are sending gifts to a hardware company, maybe something like a mini fridge for the office with the website on and screen-print ‘hardware’ onto the front.

  • Make Gifts Quirky

Being creative with branded gifts is always good.  It shows that you have put some care and thought into it as opposed to them being on a mailing list of 1000 businesses that have all been sent the same stuff.

  • Make Gifts Personalised

Each gift that is sent should be personally targeted (rather than ‘the marketing manager’) to a named individual and where possible, the gift having the name of the prospect on it.  This shows that thought has gone into the gift and it will be noted once the gift is followed up with a sales call.

IT Companies Using Branded Gifts

Marketing for IT companies goes back nearly 20 years, and corporate gifts have always been useful.

Promotional gifts for IT companies can be powerful sales tools, or expensive luxuries.

Choosing promotional gifts that suit the IT sector is wise.

Used correctly IT companies should have very good closing rates when the sales calls follow up the gifts being sent out. 

Prospects will have taken notice and may well say ‘thank you’ for sending the gift, ‘very thoughtful’.

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