Promotional Gifts For Engineering Companies

Promotional Gifts For Engineering Companies Can Work WellCompare Quotes On Promotional Gifts For Your Engineering Business

Promotional gifts for engineering companies play an important marketing roll.  

If your engineering company is considering using promotional gifts, then you are best using a promotional gift supplier that knows the engineering market. 

They will have a better idea of what gifts work for engineering firms. 

Using promotional gifts to boost business for your engineering firm can be very cost effective if done right.

Just fill out the form opposite to get free advice and quotes from business gift companies that know the engineering sector.

The Uphill Struggle

Promotional gifts for engineering companies have historically been boring.

Engineering companies are always looking for new an innovative ways of attracting new clients through using promotional gifts. Many engineering firms use the standard branded gifts such as pens, USB sticks and post it notes.  

However these gifts usually get overlooked or discarded. The problem therefore is how to get responses up and prospects engaging?

Be Creative

Promotional gifts for engineering companies need to be imaginative. There are two options that engineering companies can look at:

  • Make The Promotional Gifts Personalised

This means either ensuring that the recipient knows that the gift is directed to them (as opposed to being part of a circular of 10,.000 gifts fired out to prospects in a fishing exercise).  Or that the gift is designed to have relevance.

By finding out the prospects name (full name) and embossing this onto a gift, there is obvious care and attention that has been given.

By tailoring a gift to an engineering firm, the response rate should be higher.

  • For example, if the prospect is a laser cutting company, sending a laser pointer could be good.
  • Another idea is if the prospect is a driller, then sending a hand drill that has the company name on it.
  • If the prospect is a painting company, then sending a paint brush with the website address on it.

Promotional gifts for engineering companies should tailor the gifts to the engineering firm.  Which should show that a little planning and thought has gone into the gift. 

This should get a better response once a sales call is made to follow up (which is essential).

  • Why Not Send Food/Flowers

Sending gifts are fine, but more often than not, they are either put in a pile of other gifts that are sent by local recruitment companies, office stationery companies and accountants.  

Or taken home and given to the kids as toys. Sending chocolates or flowers are more high impact but short term.

Chances are that the chocolates will be consumed on the day they are received. Some companies have sent a tea bag in the post and an accompanying letter saying ‘why not make a brew and have  a read of our newsletter’.  Witty, unique and low cost.

Flowers may well be kept in the office and indeed will be remembered. Promotional gifts for engineering companies need to be planned out.

Think About Promotional Gifts

The engineering sector is a highly competitive industry and one that is ripe for promotional gifts to be used. 

Branded gifts can be highly effective in targeted new business, in a crude way it can be used as a form of bribery.  To sweeten up a company before the sales call occurs. 

Sending promotional gifts that are linked to engineering marketing can also have a powerful impact (as it is relevant and speaks of the industry).

Consider this…

  1. A bunch of flowers is sent to the target prospect in a company (if it is a woman).
  2.  A week later some chocolates are sent to the prospect (if it is a woman).
  3. A week later 1 flower is sent to the prospect (if it is a woman).
  4. A week later a branded gift is sent to the prospect.

The next week the prospect will be expecting something (or may have called the police and flagged your as a stalker).  

There will be a sense of excitement (we hope) at the thought of what comes next. 

If a sales call is made, there should be a simple objection handling/questioning process. If this is done to 100’s of targeted prospects, then the following will happen:

  1. They will all remember your company.
  2. Chances are the doors for most will open to discuss business, if not, they will certainly be happy to keep in touch
  3. Continued gifts and sales calls should wear them down fairly quickly to meetings or quotes.

Branded gifts can be a very powerful marketing tool if used correctly by engineering firms.  

Promotional gifts for engineering companies can also be used at engineering events and exhibitions at the NEC or O2.  You do need something to give away on your stand.

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