Do Business Gifts Work

Do Business Gifts WorkDo Business Gifts Still Work?

The Question is being asked ‘Do business gifts work’ – do they do anything?

Many companies consider them to be a luxury; during the good times it is great to provide clients with a few goodies.

To hand freebies away at events or when networking to give away branded gifts.

However as the recession bits, many companies are asking the question – can we exist without them?

Indeed when times are tough it does make good sense to tighten the belt.  To reduce overheads and save money.

Do Business Gifts Matter?

The problem is, if you are not giving, you will never receive.  But do business gifts work as well as they used to in the non internet era?

In giving away promotional gifts, businesses will see your company name, they will see your website and it will be reminded to them (subtly) every day (we hope).

The trick is coming up with ideas for the right promotional gifts.  Everyone likes getting something for free.  

So if you meet a prospective client and give them something to start with, this can only bring benefits, and for what?  The cost of a branded pen, calculator, stress ball?

What About Cost?

Indeed there is a cost to getting branded gifts however if you order 1000 pens, then that is potentially 1000 customers that you will make sit up and take notice.  

Do business gifts work to a returnable investment? Branded gifts are not expensive in the greater scheme of things.  Indeed there is an upfront cost.  

However if you are selective on what you choose as a gift, and the numbers, then the costs can be outweighed by benefits.

Cost vs Benefit

It does come down to a personal decision. Are you willing to pay a few hundred pounds for something that can add so much benefit to your business?  

Do business gifts work in bringing long term benefits? Indeed times are tough for most people and money does not grow on trees.  

But as long as you are not carelessly giving your gifts out then the use of them should bring big benefits.  

Likewise, you are best not going to WH Smith to buy a load of pens to distribute.  You need branding on them, and for them to be delivered.

Worth Considering

All marketing is a case of testing the water.  It is about the scattering of seed.  

Whether the seed will germinate into business is something that is always going to be unknown. As long as you are selective in what you choose.  

How many you choose.  
Also how you use them.  

They could make a big difference to your incoming enquiries, sales peoples performance and even how your company is viewed by others.

Choosing a branded gift company can be tricky, let us help.

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