PPC Advertising For Construction Companies

Compare Quotes On PPC Advertising For Construction CompaniesCompare Quotes On PPC Advertising For Construction Companies.

PPC advertising for construction companies is very important as the construction sector continues to grow.  

We do advise using agencies that have done PPC for construction companies in the past.  

Just fill in the form to talk with local PPC companies that have experience in working within the property and building industry.

Why Would Construction Companies Need It?

The internet is a crowded and cluttered market place, and getting onto page 1 of google for your chosen keywords is difficult (and something that is continually needing work). 

These days, most people will use the internet when looking for anything.  So if you are not on page 1 for your search terms (and most people do not go past page 1), then you are never going to get enquiries.

This is why having an Google Adwords campaign running is wise, especially if you are working locally.  

Even if you are appearing on page 1 of search engines for your chosen keywords, having a PPC campaign running alongside that will only add brand value.

How Much Would PPC For Construction Companies Cost?

PPC costs do vary on a few factors, depending on two main points:

  • The payment to the search engine

This is a cost per click (CPC) and is paid each time someone (anyone) clicks on the advert.  

This will vary depending on how competitive a keyword of phrase is, also how relevant the search engine feels the landing page is.  The cost could be a few pence, or £30 depending on this criteria.

  • The payment to the agency

All are different and all private companies, therefore they will have their profit margins. 

The monthly management fee could range from £200 up to £5,000 depending on the agencies experience, their resources and profit margins.

PPC for construction companies does not have to be expensive, especially if you are a small construction company working in a certain geographical area of the UK.

Choosing A Suitable Agency

When considering paid media agencies, bear in mind that they are profit making businesses and shop around; but also consider their experience. 

Do they know about construction marketing, have they done work in the sector before and how successful were they?  

PPC for construction companies really needs an agency that knows the construction sector.

Have a look at their portfolio, drop them an e-mail asking about their industry experience.  

The best way for them to know the keywords you are to be found for is if they know the construction sector.

Get A Few Quotes

We live in a world of shopping around and comparing quotes.  All agencies will set their own rates, therefore PPC costs will vary.  Some are very expensive, some very affordable.  

However the main thing is can they produce you the results that you need?  We do encourage a few proposals and quotes, so you can get a good feel for what is involved.  

PPC for construction companies does not have to be expensive.  Just fill in the form to see.

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