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Using construction telemarketing can quickly generate you new tenders.  

Telemarketing in the construction industry is very popular, and very necessary.  

Architects, surveyors, builders can all use telemarketing to hunt down new business.  Whether this is for local work or national there are no limits to how hunting down business can generate you new sales leads.

By using an outbound agency that can 100% focus on generating you new tenders and enquires.  This will free you up to focus on your business.  

Using an agency that has experience in construction telemarketing will ensure they are efficient right from the start.   However, there are hundreds of agencies in the UK with varied industry experience.

Finding an experienced agency can take time if you just use a search engine to find them.

If you are interested in lead generation for your construction firm, why not talk with experts that have experience in working in the construction industry.  

A big area of interest is roofing.  Telemarketing for roofing companies is proving very popular at the moment.

Just fill in the form to get quotes on telemarketing for your construction company.

Who Uses Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is used right across the construction sector; here are just a few that use it:

  • Architects
  • Surveyors
  • Loss Adjusters
  • Fit Out Contractors
  • General Construction
  • Builders
  • Steel Fabricators
  • Stone Masons
  • Demolition

Whether you are a main contractor or a sub contractor, telemarketing can boost sales leads for your construction firm.

Help For Construction Companies

Since the recession in 2007 the construction sector has steadily been growing.  

Some companies are doing well, others struggling to find new projects.

Many building companies have existed on referrals from friends, networking down at the pub, companies just contacting them out of the blue, but all this has changed. 

Work has dried up and the boom years have come to an end.

Many are now looking into forms of lead generation and advertising, and lead generation is high on the list. 

Lead generation calling is appearing high on industry business radars.  This is due to it being a marketing tool that historically has produced quick results.  

Telesales and construction telemarketing is one of the quickest ways for you to find new tender opportunities.

Have You Considered A Sales Consultant?

Another option is using a sales consultant that works from your offices.  

Rather than using an agency remotely (when you are not really sure what they are doing) you can use an industry expert to work from your offices.  

There are a few benefits with this:

  • Control – You know what they are doing and know they are working for you.
  • Focus – They are 100% focused on you when at your office.
  • Quality – Seeing them work you will know the quality of sales person they are.

What Is Involved?

Cold calling clients is a fairly basic and logical process, possible for anyone with a little confidence and tenacity to do.

Getting meetings involves calling up prospects from a data list or sales leads and then speaking to the decision maker about their products or services.  

Using construction sales leads like ABI are popular, but take time and hard work. The rest is a numbers game; cold calling is about numbers, the more sales leads that are called each day, the higher the chances of getting meetings/sales enquiries.

The problem is, this all takes time, cold calling prospects is a full time job.  This is why having someone dedicated to hunting down new business is important.

Telemarketing within this sector is going to be challenging.  Lead generation for construction companies may be challenging but it is important.

Without new leads coming into your construction firm, you will not be busy and not be generating enough income each month.

Telemarketing Works Hand In Hand With Marketing

Telemarketing for construction companies works best when it works hand in hand with other forms of marketing.

Particularly PPC advertising, if an enquiry comes through, it should be called right away.  Telemarketing can be used to follow up warm sales leads to generate you results quickly.

Social media marketing can also work well with telemarketing, as a quick call following someone’s post can land you new work.

Pro active marketing works hand in hand with re-active marketing services such as digital marketing.

How To Find A Good Telemarketing Agency

Choosing a telemarketing agency that has construction industry experience is important.  There are hundreds of  lead generation companies around the UK.  These range from freelancers doing cold calling from home up to large telemarketing agencies charging hundreds a day for calling.

Whatever area of the industry you are in and looking for help with (telemarketing for surveyors, builders or architects) there are specialist firms that can help boasting industry knowledge and experience.

We at Marketing Quotes can get you quotes from telemarketing experts that have experience within the construction and building industry.

Compare Multiple Telemarketing Quotes

All telemarketing agencies are in business to generate profit, so shopping around and comparing prices is important in order to prevent overpaying.  Many people ask ‘why is telemarketing expensive‘; the reason is because you are using someone for 8 hours a day.

Like any price comparison website, we want to help you get the best construction telemarketing agency, for the lowest price.  

Telesales costs do vary from agency to agency, some charge per day, some per month; so shopping around and getting quotes is important (as it is with anything these days).  The main thing to bear in mind is the agency has construction marketing experience.

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