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Website design for construction companies needs to be carried out by an experienced website design agency that knows and works in the construction sector.  As there are over 10,000 website design agencies in the UK to choose from, finding one that offers website design for construction companies is going to be a lengthy process.  If you are looking for website design for construction companies, we are here to help you.

Marketing for Builders

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Why You Need A Website

Historically, no-one had a website; however in the last few years, every construction business needs to have a website.  Not just having a website, but having a modern website that has high quality pictures, social media links, is quick to navigate and quickly communicates your message.  Why – because all your competitors have one, if you are to stand out, you need to have a better website.

It is now essential for you to have a great website.  As competition in the building and property sector grows, having an attractive website, that is simple to navigate, is important.

Choosing A Design Studio

The UK has well over 20,000 creative marketing agencies that offer this service, and all are different, from freelancers to top design studios.

Whoever you choose to work with, it is very wise to select someone who has worked in the construction industry before. Asking the designer about previous clients, or looking at their portfolio, should give you a good idea as to what their experience has been.  If they have already worked for architects, surveyors or property developers, then they are a good choice.

The reason is, they will know designs that work, they will know the website features you need; but most importantly, they should know what your potential customers want, turning website visitors into fee paying customers.

If the web designer has construction marketing experience, they should be able to create a much more focused website that will fit into the building industry.

If your business is involved in roofing, tiling, landscaping, site security or any other area of this sector, there are plenty of agencies that can help develop a great and cost effective site.

Compare Website Design Prices

Comparing prices from agencies is very wise; especially in today’s world, so as to get an idea of different proposals and likely costs.  As all website design agencies are privately owned, they are there to make profit.

All set their own fees. Generally the more experienced they are, and the longer they have been running, the more expensive they are; freelancers tend to be cheaper as they have fewer overheads.  Shopping around and comparing website design prices is important.  If an agency charges more, that does not necessarily mean you will get more.

We are here to help you get the best possible website for the lowest possible price.

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