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PR Agencies For ConstructionCompare Quotes On Public Relations For Your Construction Company

Using PR agencies for construction marketing is a great low cost form of marketing.  The construction sector in the UK has been through a very challenging period as you know, up’s and down’s leading to sadly many construction companies closing.  

The positive is that the construction sector is looking up and there is growth. When considering public relations, we do encourage you to use a public relations agency that has a background in PR for construction companies. By comparing local media agencies that know construction marketing, they should ensure that your PR campaign is successful right from the start.

The UK has well over a thousand public relations agencies, we can help you get talking to media agencies that know the construction sector.

Just fill in the form to get free 5 quotes and advice from PR companies that know the building  and construction industry.

Firms With Industry Experience

There are many public relations agencies around the UK that have a specific focus and experience with clients in this sector which makes them ideally placed for being able to publicity and media advice.

Having an experienced agency that knows and understands the building sector can be greatly advantageous over one who has no experience at all.  

In addition to the basic logic, they will have the media contacts to get you started with your campaign, as well as knowing precisely the best publications to target for you.

Industry experienced agencies have close ties to mainstream publications such as Construction News, Building, The Architects Journal, Property Weekly and all other popular reads of the sector. 

This can help achieve for your campaign the right level of support, and of course you get quicker results.  Rather than an agency having to learn about the building industry for the first time, an experienced one can get you started right away with the momentum your campaign needs.

We do advise meeting the agency; this is to give you a feel for how well they know the industry, and also you can find out what other property firms the agency is working with.

They tend not to take on businesses that will cause a conflict of interest – but this can normally be ascertained in the initial phone call.  

There are a number of public relations agencies for construction companies around the UK.  If you are a civil engineer, you need to talk with experts that have done PR for civil engineers in the past (just as an example).  Experience does count in PR.

Getting the agency to visit your site/office is also beneficial, as they can get a feel for how your company works, obtain better information for your campaign and discuss with you any construction marketing experience they have.

It is also advised to meet with the agency throughout your campaign, as they will likely to be more honest with you face to face, rather than over the phone.  If the agency knows they have a meeting with you, then they will push for results to talk about at the meeting, rather than having a meeting with you and trying to justify their fees for no results.

Closing Thoughts

As the industry is in a difficult period, it is prudent to compare PR prices in order to compare agencies. Rather than spending time going through the internet and contacting them one by one, just fill out the form and we will get you free quotes from industry experts, agencies that have experience in doing PR for construction companies.

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