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Compare Quotes On Lead Generation For Construction CompaniesWould Lead Generation For Your Construction Firm Help?

Lead generation for construction companies is essential if you want to grow.  

Getting appointments is easy, if you have the right agency to book them for you.  

That is where the problem is however, finding the right agency.  

Just fill in the form and we will get you quotes to compare. Lead generation for companies within the construction industry are just one form away, leaving you time to work on proposals.

The construction industry is very wide and diverse and competition is rife from building companies, architects, projects managers, developers all chasing leads and pushing for new business.

Most firms do not have an established sales force to generate new lead and to hunt for new business and the whole concept of sales and marketing is lost. 

Most construction and property companies are old school working from out of date databases (many not computerised) and relying on referrals from industry sources.

Why Is Lead Generation For Construction Companies Important?

For the last 20 or so years, there have been resources that companies can plug into in order to find new tender opportunities, new housing projects and sales leads.

Companies like ABI (now owned by Barbour) and Glenigan have been operating since the 1970’s providing building companies with sales resources.

However most building companies do not really know how to get meetings, working a sales pipeline and telemarketing. 

Most people that follow up the leads are themselves ‘on the ground’ staff or builders or owners that dabble a little with getting new work in.

Advise For Gaining Meetings

It is advised for building/property companies to use an expert lead generation company to follow up sector based sales leads. 

The reason is because a professional ‘sales hunter’ can focus on the sales and marketing needs of the client. 

By spending time researching the lead, finding out the background on the client (which takes time) contacting the client and then chasing them down to talk to/meet with.

There are a number of lead generation companies around the UK that do have a background of the built sector.   That they have a proven track record in generating and nurturing leads then following them through to the closing stage in the sales process.

Within marketing, there are different forms of lead generation; however the most proactive form that produces the quickest results is telemarketing.

Industry Experience On Lead Generation For Construction Companies

Experience is everything when it comes to the property sector. 

The industry is diverse and has it’s own culture, jargon, way of working so may seem alien to an outsider that has no background.  Very often lead generation companies will use ex staff from the sector (maybe sales engineers or sales people close to retirement) that have the knowledge of the market and can follow up leads well.

Also, knowing the makeup of the construction sector is important, as it is diverse knowing your way around.  Knowing some of the key players and what they do can give a big benefit when following up leads.  It shows that you are knowledgeable and thus credible. 

No one likes being sold to by a telemarketer that blatantly does not know what they are talking about, it is unprofessional and rarely results in new business being achieved. Advice would be to pass the sales and marketing over to a professional experienced industry experienced marketing company. 

This will result in quicker results and a change in your bottom line.  Telemarketing companies do exist in the UK that have construction marketing experience and as such, these are the ones to talk to.

Many are put off because telemarketing is expensive; however, consider the cost of employing someone 8 hours a day 5 days a week.

What About A Sales Consultant?

Imagine having a construction industry experienced sales person working from your offices 1 or 2 days a week.  They will interact with you and your team focused purely on lead generation.  

Typically a construction experienced sales consultant will be highly trained in sales and know your market very well.

Sector Projects

Despite the industry facing severe difficulties; the truth is that there is still work to be found; for the ones that look for it.  During the boom years, construction companies were starting up all over the place – leading to a saturation. 

Now that work has drastically reduced, the industry is still heaving with construction firms, but just very little work.

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