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When considering drinks packaging or any liquid products (vinegar , sauces, oils and beverages) can make or break the brand. 

A business can have the best oil/vinegar on the market, but if it does not look right, if it does not create an impact, then it will not sell.

Consumers are fickle and design styles come and go; image is everything and getting it right is paramount to a product selling or not.

There are various essentials that do need to be considered with beverages & liquids as far as packaging is concerned: 

  • Durability

Liquids can spill and leak.  Whatever drinks package that is designed does need to contain the contents. 

Any seals have to be absolutely secure, it cannot be porous and does need to keep the contents fresh (airtight). 

This is of primary concern and is the most important factor right from the start.

  • Look and Feel

The drinks packaging needs to look sexy; plain just does not work in today’s consumer society. 

The shelves are stacked with similar looking products; so creating something that stands out is essential for any product to be considered by customers. 

Price is always a concerning factor, but people are happy to pay a little more for something that looks better (even just once).

  • Design

There are designers and there are designers; choosing the right one to come up with a packaging design that will sell is fundamental. 

The product may look great, be secure and airtight, but if no one buys it, then it will not last long.

Compare Multiple Quotes

There are man agencies around the UK that can offer innovative ideas for drinks packaging.  It is well worth comparing ideas and quotes in order to find the best design for the best price.

Packaging design prices range from agency to agency.

As the UK is facing bankruptcy every company needs to make savings where possible.  VAT is very likely to go up again as the present government seeks to find ways of paying off the nations debt. 

For these reasons, comparing quotes is essential to find the best design for the best price and not paying over the odds.

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