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If you need help with medical packaging design for medical products, why not talk with packaging designers that have experience the health sector.  

This style of  packaging needs to work in a different way to other forms of packaging.

Medical Products

Have you ever looked at healthcare products and considered all that is involved?

Considering the colours on the outside, the shapes, the design, how they make you feel?

The style of packaging is different to other forms of packaging (such as FMCG products or retail products) in that it is designed to do a completely different job.

With FMCG or retail products, they are designed to attract the consumer.  To make the customer choose a particular product off of the shelf based on the look, the design and the attractiveness of it. 

With medical products this is not the case, it does not have to necessarily sell a product.

If you have a cold, and go to the pharmacy, you do not choose the best looking cough mixture, you choose the one that has been prescribed to you, or that the pharmacist suggests you go for. 

The ‘selling’ aspect of it does not really play a part (or not to the same extent).  But, saying that, medical packaging does need to help sell the product, just it works in a different way.

What It Is For

With any product, it needs to do a few things and these few things are essential to any product:

  • Sterile

All the medical products need to be clean, airtight, and free from any kind of contamination.  This is of utmost importance with the majority of products from syringes, drugs,  Medical packaging needs to communicate this to consumers.

  • Descriptive

Consider any box of pills or a prescription; it needs to show dosage, ingredients, warnings, ages of consumers, alcohol mixing, drowsy or non drowsy.  It needs to show these along with any health warnings as a priority over the design of the branding.

Most commercial products consider these as secondary, however with this, it is the priority.  Design and artwork are secondary as far as health and safety are concerned.  There are government guidelines for medical packaging.

Industry Experience

As many medical products do have regulations and government guidelines connected to them care does need to be given to the agency that is chosen to create the finished product. They have to have a clarity that many commercial products tend to sidestep for advertising reasons.

There are many agencies that have healthcare marketing experience in this field.  If you want to pop some details into the form opposite, we can help you get a few free quotes to compare for packaging design.

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