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Packaging Design CostsCompare Quotes From Local Packaging Designers

Packaging design matters, as the look and feel of it will have a direct impact on how often your product is noticed and bought.  

Very often when we order products online, we are charged an additional prices for postage and packaging.  This is because packaging is an additional cost that very often is not at the surface and is passed on to the consumer.

Whether you are buying chicken thighs from Morrisons, or buying a tube of toothpaste, the packaging design costs are all part of the selling price on the label.

Sometimes investing in your packaging is wise as often it is the packaging that sells the product.  

We all remember the episodes of The Apprentice that were based on a packaging task.  Packaging design costs are affected by a number of factors.


The type of material that you use will have an effect on costs.  If you are going with a plastic (which is common) this will be quite cheap.  

Products that have expensive materials such as glass or metal will have a higher packaging design cost.

However you do need to consider if you are going to use recycled packaging, we have some ideas to consider.  There are government imposed plastic tax which will have an impact.

Big companies are always looking at options to use cheaper materials to lower the overall packaging design costs.

Design Of Packaging

The type of design you select is going to have an effect on packaging design costs.  The more complex the design, the more design work involved, the more it will cost.  

Toy packaging is a good example, since toy companies very often rely on the design of the toy packaging to sell the actual toy.

If the design is quite basic and like other products, it will be cheaper.  

Do you want your product to stand out though?  The design surely is going to be the thing to do this, the tipping point.

Food packaging design is often very basic, as the products will sell itself.

Consider a pack of chicken thighs, often a clear container with a very basic label.  No thought has gone into the design of the packaging or the design on the packaging.  The overall packaging design costs will be very low as the chicken thighs sell themselves.

Marketing Agency

The marketing agency you select will also have an effect on the overall price.  

All design and marketing agencies are independent companies, and set their own fees.  It is wise to shop around and compare quotes, as packaging design costs will vary considerably from agency to agency.

Packaging design costs do vary for each and every product as mentioned.

Sometimes packaging is relied on to sell a product, as previous episodes of The Apprentice have shown.

Choosing the right marketing agency is important if you want to do this, for your packaging to be attractive and aid in selling your product by standing out.

All marketing companies are independent and indeed all UK packaging design companies are different.  Comparing quotes is part of our society and comparing packaging design costs is something we can help you with.

Do you go onto Google and go with the agency that appears at the top of the results just because they are at the top?  If they are at the top surely they are the best?  Right?

No, they either paid to be at the top, or have the best optimised website.

We want to help you find the ‘right’ packaging designer for your product.

Questions To Ask Packaging Designers

Here are a few questions it may be worth asking different packaging designers when you talk or meet with them:

  • What kind of materials do you feel would be best to work with?
  • Is there a sustainable or eco-friendly option?
  • What other products similar to mine have you designed packaging for?
  • What kind of colours do you feel would be best to use to sell my products?
  • What level of skill are your designers?
  • What would be the packaging design costs and how can we keep them down?

You may well have other questions to ask different design companies, but these should get you started and open up conversation to finding the ‘right’ packaging designer for your products.

Compare Packaging Design Costs

Why is it necessary to compare packaging design costs?  The reason is simple, and it is because all design agencies are privately owned profit making businesses.  

They set their own rates, which vary considerably.  It is essential that you compare quotes and shop around.  Not for the cheapest price, but for the best options at the best price.

We live in a world of price comparison, where shopping around is made easier.  We at Marketing Quotes want to ensure that you find the best local designer possible for the best possible price.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from local packaging designers that have experience in your industry sector.  

As a price comparison website, we want to help you get the best packaging designer, for the lowest price.  Packaging design costs do not need to be expensive, just fill in the form to see.

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