Packaging Design Ideas

Packaging Design IdeasConsider Some Packaging Design Ideas

For anyone that is considering packaging, there are a few important things that need to be done before charging in and getting something produced.  

By talking to a number of different marketing agencies, you can get a feel for what kind of options are available.

There are a wide range of marketing agencies in the UK that specialise on packaging, for food, clothes etc.

If you are going to produce your packaging, you do need to get it right from the beginning.

Reflect on packaging design ideas to give you different options.

We are here to help you find the right agency that can discuss different packaging design ideas with you.

Very often it is easy to get something produced quickly as time usually is against you.  

However a simple checklist can save you a lot of problems later down the line:

  1. Look at your industry and the companies you consider to be competitors.  Research the designs they are using (size, material)
  2. Find which designs/colours are the most popular and see what works and what does not (as opposed to choosing on your own opinion).
  3. Research different packaging designers for the job.  Have a look at their portfolios and compare 3-4 different agencies to ensure the best price.
  4. Have them produce 2-3 different designs.  This way you can deliberate on which one is most suited.
  5. Do a pre-launch so as to be able to measure the response from the market.  This will then allow you to go back to the agency and make any modifications and changes before letting loose on your market.

Have you used a market research company to look at feasibility?

Packaging design ideas need to be considered. Another good tip is KISS (keep it simple silly).  

It is very easy to try and get too much onto your package and swamp the message/design. 

If you are paying a lot of money to the designer wanting to get value for money is going to be in your mind.  However as with many things, less is more.

Some examples of successful brands that are simple yet effective would be Google (clean and crisp), Innocent Smoothies (basic and simple design).

There are many product packages that are crowded, busy and confusing; however something clean, crisp and impacting does tend to stand out more.

When you are getting design ideas from your chosen agency, why not get them to produce something simple and something more involved. 

This way you have a couple of options to compare.

Compare Creative Agencies

Packaging design ideas includes the designer you select.  Designers do vary from some that work with big brands, down to small graphic designers that offer this as a side service. 

Either would be good to use if their ideas and created products are suited, so it is good to shop around.

By filling in the quick quote form opposite you can get a few ideas and options to compare packaging design costs.

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