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Recycle PackagingDid You Need Quotes For Recycled Packaging Design?

By modifying the materials we use, it is easily possible to recycle packaging.  

Packaging design plays a big role within sales and marketing. 

Certainly with regards to the retail industry.  

So many products are sold based on impulse, by people passing by.  They see the package and trying the product for the first time (whether it is a cosmetic product, sweets etc.).

Why Is Recycling Packaging Necessary?

Recycling has been a hot topic for decades now, from the 1980’s our schools, our media have been talking about the importance of recycling.

The sky is still blue, the sea is still there, have we misjudged the plastic problem, after all plastic is created from natural products from nature?

Drive down the road and you will see why recycling is necessary.

Go for a walk in the park and you will see why recycling is important.

Walk along the beach and you will see plastic on the beach and on the seashore.

Due to the ocean currents, plastic in the ocean is brought to certain areas where it remains.  There is a project called The Big Ocean Cleanup that travels to these parts of the ocean to remove the plastic and clean up the man made problem.

Where Is Plastic Found?

Have a look around your living room or out your front window and you may see some of the following plastic products we use every day:

  • Your TV Set
  • Your Clothes
  • Your Furniture
  • Items Inside Your Car
  • Your Kettle
  • Your Fridge
  • Your Bed

Plastic is all around us and when we buy new clothes, throw out old clothes, replace a TV, the old items are discarded somewhere, chances are to landfill sites.

Plastic is found everywhere, much of it is not recycled.

What Kind Of Packaging Items Could Be Recycled?

There are a huge range of packaged products that could be recycled, here are a few:

  • Crisp Packets
  • Confectionary Products
  • Yogurt Cartons
  • Food Products
  • Shopping Bags

The list goes on, pretty much any type of packaging you can think of, from bath products, shampoo bottles they are all made of plastic, and it is a specific sort of plastic that cannot be recycled.

Why is it that packaging companies continue to use plastic products that are not eco-friendly?

A very good question and one that no-one seems to be asking.

This leads on to the plastic problem

The Plastic Problem

For decades, pretty much 99% off our packaging is plastic and pretty much all of that is single use plastic.

Surely over the decades a more eco-friendly solution could be found, maybe it has but for some reason is not being brought to the table?

Most household recycling ends up in landfill.  Why is this, why are household recycled products not recycled?

Micro plastics are also a problem and may be one of the reasons we have seen a huge increase in cancer related cases.  

Consider when you heat up your ready meal in the microwave tonight, how much of that plastic is absorbed into your food.

Even the clothes on your back contain plastic, why is it that our clothing needs to contain plastic?

Government Pushing To Recycle Packaging

The government is taking a stronger stance in regards to making sure we recycle packaging.  However sustainable packaging is delayed, and has been for decades.

Companies like Tetrapak have been producing milk bottles for years.  

The bottle you can recycle, the tops you cannot, Why?  

Food packaging is a big area of focus as it is blown around out streets and roads.  

McDonalds is popular around our streets as people refuse to dispose of the packaging once they have finished.  

Drinks packaging including straws has been improved, but it is more to do with personal choice of how people dispose.

PR Benefits To Recycle Packaging.

All companies are looking at ways of getting good public relations and the fact that your company is using recycled materials, or moving towards it makes for good PR coverage.  

PR agencies love this kind of story for media coverage.

Many retail companies use the fact of having environmentally friendly materials in their PR campaign.  This not only gives people a feel good factor when buying the product, but also reduces that company’s carbon footprint.

Recycle Packaging Product Materials

Depending on the sort of product that you are selling (automotive, food, furniture, cosmetics) there are a number of materials that you can use.

Popular ones would be paper, plastic and card; however other materials can be used (wood, metal and glass).

By talking to a few packaging designers you can get ideas and sources for sustainable materials and ensure that you are playing your part to keep carbon emissions down.  

People want to recycle packaging because it is the best way of looking after out environment.

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