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The children’s toys industry is incredibly competitive and selling your product can be extremely challenging.  

Having the right packaging design agency can help give your product the best chance of success.  

Toy packaging will effect whether your product is the next Harry Potter, or next flop.

To find an agency that’s right for you, simply fill out our form to the right and we’ll give you five free quotes from local packaging design agencies.

Creative marketing comparison can help you find the right agencies for the job.

Why Is Unique Packaging Design Important?

While the packaging of your product is considered at a later stage from when you first develop your product, it’s certainly not a step to take lightly.

Your packaging not only transforms the look of your product but it also tells people what your product is about. 

The way your product is packaged can influence your product’s demand and sales along with people’s brand loyalty to make a purchase from you again.  

Working alongside an agency that knows about PR for toy shops is a good option, as the packaging does communicate the brand, and your toy brand is linked intrinsically to your overall marketing strategy.

Many companies do not have the marketing clout of Mattel or other leading brands.  So your toy packaging does need to help market and sell your toy.

What Things To Consider With Your Packaging

Packaging design for children’s toys isn’t easy and packaging designers will consider a number of things such as:

Appeal from both parents and children – While its children who get to choose the toys they want, parents won’t be willing to make a purchase unless they are convinced that it is engaging, age appropriate and easy to operate.  Unless your product has had TV advertising, toy packaging needs to sell the product to the consumer.

Uniqueness – The children’s toy market is extremely competitive and it’s important that the packaging is impactful enough to stand out from the crowd. Your toy packaging should also be unique in the sense that it reflects your individual brand. Without this, you may get some sales but are likely to suffer long-term without brand awareness and exposure.

Colour and shape – The shape that your packaging takes form in should be governed by the shape and size of the item inside.  Colours are also extremely important as kids are often attracted to colourful designs.  

However, adults are often more persuaded by what certain colours trigger.  A product completely in red and black could seem evoke feelings of danger and it’s important to consider the psychological process of a consumer.

Material and functionality – Factors like hygiene, sustainability and environmentally friendly toy packaging are extremely important. Many government initiatives are urging brands to reduce their carbon impact and if the outer material of your toy doesn’t look safe, parents will assume this for the toy inside.

Choosing Toy Designers

Toy packaging design is a global business, and designers themselves are also global,

Packaging is like the first date: No matter how charming a person you are on the inside, you want to look your best. Packaging serves as your first contact with a potential customer; it’s your chance to stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression.

For this reason, choosing the ‘right’ toy packaging designer is important.

Once the product hits the shelves, if your packaging design does not jump out at UK customers, your toy could well flop.

There are many toy packaging designers around the UK to choose from.  Selecting the right one really has to be done on experience.

Have they designed toy packaging for your market?  Are you attracting boys?  Are you attracting girls?  What about age range?

There are lots of variables to consider that could well make or brake your success.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from a few local toy packaging designers that you can compare quotes from.

Questions To Ask Designers

No doubt you will have a number of questions to ask toy packaging designers when you talk or meet with them, but here are a few that you may wish to consider:

  • What toy packaging have you designed in the past?
  • What brands have you done work with?
  • What age group and ethnic group do you best work with?
  • What design software do you work with and why?

All toy packaging designers are different so shopping around for quotes is important.

Choosing a design agency based on price alone is not what it is about, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Design experience
  • Industry experience
  • Price
  • Reviews & awards
  • Chemistry

We left chemistry till last just to expand a little.  Choosing a marketing company (of any sort) does factor in chemistry.  How comfortable do you feel with the agency, what does your gut tell you?

Sometimes you just know, the human spirit is a complex one and sometimes you do need to trust your gut instincts.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Since all marketing agencies set their own rates, packaging design costs do vary considerably.  

As mentioned, it is not about price, comparing quotes is not just what we aim to do as the cheapest toy packaging designer does not make them the best.

Neither does choosing the top agency on Google because if they are at the top they must be the best.  This is not the case.

We want to help you find the ‘right’ toy packaging designer for your business.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from 5 local toy packaging design experts.

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