Packaging For Clothing

Packaging For ClothingPackaging For Clothing Companies

Packaging for clothing companies is very important in selling your brand.  

If your clothing business needs packaging support, we do advise you talking to packaging designers that know the clothing and retail industry.

Why Packaging Matters

Like with Christmas, how clothing is presented is half the fun.  It can increase the value of the clothes making them more desirable. 

Considering some of the top fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Georgeo Armarni, or Louis Vuitton, they all use attractive packaging, increasing the value of the brand.  Most of the time with Louis Vuitton bags, they come in bags of their own, with a luxury design to match the luxury brand within.

How something is presented effects how it sells.  As they say with food, you eat with your eyes.  

The same can be said with clothing, we buy with our eyes.  This is why point of sale is so important, packaging for clothing comes into marketing and display as much as how it is presented.

How Much Would It Cost?

Packaging prices will vary depending on the agency that is selected.  As all agencies are independent companies, they fees will vary.  Remember that all designers are private companies and therefore will have profit margins.  

It is wise therefore to compare quotes on design.  It is wise to use a packaging designer that has worked with clothing brands in the past.  If they have produced clothing packaging, they should be able to produce you a better design.  

Of course materials are factored in, however with design it is mainly marketing time.  Where the agency is based does play a roll.  

If a marketing agency is in Central London, their overhead costs will be much more than if they are based in based in Devon.

Get Multiple Quotes

There are hundreds of designers in the UK.  For this reason we do suggest you using a local agency.  This way you can meet them to discuss your clothing packaging ideas.  

Since all agencies set their own rates, packaging design prices do vary.  If you are interested in getting quotes from agencies that know the fashion industry, just fill in the form.

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