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Green MarketingDid Your Green Business Need Any Marketing Support?

Green marketing is all about sustainability.  

With the issues we have as a society with plastic pollution and space debris, green marketing is a hot topic.

Does your business need help with marketing in the renewable energy sector

Why not talk to a marketing company that works within the green marketing sector?

Sustainable Marketing

Many would agree that the world is changing, and not in a good way.  

Since the industrial revolution the world has been consuming more and more of the earth’s natural resources (coal, oil and gas) to further its own development and comfort.

If someone was to take away our reliance on fossil fuels, then the world would be in chaos.  

Hospitals would stop, transport would stop, food distribution would stop and most businesses would stop.

Many leading businesses are under scrutiny for their guzzling of carbon.  Not just in the UK but in the up and coming Far East companies are quickly catching up with western technology and business, at a high cost. 

With little regard for the environment the developing world is using up the resources that the western world used up years before.  Resulting in major issues with climate change and global warming.

Marketing plays a key role in highlighting issues, bringing problem countries/industries under the spotlight and helping raise awareness to the ones that can make the change.

Many non profit companies (such as ‘The Natural Step‘) play a key role in bringing awareness to businesses and consumers about bringing the world into a sustainable society.   There are numerous environmental events on throughout the year.

Many businesses are making changes to their manufacturing methods, office setup, distribution networks and even packaging design to make even a small difference to their contribution.

As it has been said you cannot change the world in one go, but every change makes a difference. 

Of course this is good the public relations activity of a company also which PR agencies really like using.  

There are a number of marketing companies around the UK that have been set up purely to work with the sustainable sector.  To act as a driving force in trying to change our world to become a better place for everyone sharing it.  

Education plays a big part in green marketing.  

The world has known for over 30 years about the dangers of fossil fuel consumption, recycling and melting ice caps.  

However in 2011 not a great deal seems to have changed.  Small steps have been made.  

However on the whole there is still much work that needs to be done in order to bring the world into agreement to work together in protecting the natural environment.  

Big businesses do play a big role.  Not only by their example, but in the knock on effects down their supplier chains.  Global business can drive the world in becoming more green and less of a drain on the earths natural resources. 

Many companies have websites set up to aid the need for recycling and greener marketing.

Marketing Awareness

Many green companies use PR agencies to get the media message out in the trade press, mainstream media and internet.  However other (more proactive) forms of marketing could be used such as telemarketing.

Raising green marketing awareness and repeating the message is the only way to get big businesses sit up and make a difference.  

Marketing for the renewable energy sector is expected to go up a lot with the increasing issues the planned is facing.

Shop Around And Compare Prices

It is wise to shop around and compare marketing prices from agnecies that are experienced in green marketing techniques.

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