How much does a lead generation agency cost?

How much does a lead generation agency cost?How much does a lead generation agency cost?

Many businesses ask how much does a lead generation agency cost.  Hiring a lead generation agency can help your business or brand reach potential customers.

 To drive more sales by putting your products and services in front of the right people to raise brand awareness and help you to convert more sales.  

There are some very effective appointment making tips to consider if you needed to know.

The majority of lead generation agencies will use a variety of different methods to help generate new sales leads.

It is likely that the cost of hiring a lead generation agency will vary depending on the size of your business or brand.  Also the experience of the agency in generating leads and also the methods used in the marketing process.

Lead Generation Agency Cost Does Vary

How much does it cost relative to other forms of marketing?  

There are many marketing agencies available in the UK.  The range of services and pricing offered by them will vary greatly.

It’s better to get a few quotes from different agencies giving you the opportunity to find one that best suits your needs and price range.

Compared to other forms of marketing (such as PPC advertising, social media marketing etc.) the lead generation agency cost is higher.  However, it is more targeted.  You are being pro-active in targeting customers, therefore your cost per enquiry should be lower.

Consider Direct Marketing

The most direct form of lead generation is telemarketing.  To use that primitive communications tool called the ‘telephone’ to call up someone and sell them something.  This sounds old fashioned in the Instagram world, but it does still work.

Many companies do still use telemarketing effectively for generating new sales leads and even telesales to generate orders over the telephone.

A targeted approach

Compared to reactive forms of marketing lead generation agency cost is higher, but depending on what you are looking for, could be a lot more effective.  Using Google Adwords is very ‘shotgun’ approach to marketing.  Anyone and everyone will click on your adverts, costing you money.  Lead generation means you choose who you want to target.

At Marketing Quotes we aim to make the process easier for you by providing five free quotes from trusted agencies. This will help you to save both time and money.

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