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Lead generation for marketing companies is essential to keeping the pipeline filled with prospects.  

If your marketing company needs lead generation, we do advise talking to specialists that focus on lead generation for marketing companies. Just fill out the form to get advice and quotes.

There are many forms of marketing that may well help you generate sales enquiries, and the most pro-active is telemarketing.

How They Generate New Leads

Most UK marketing agencies rely heavily on word of mouth.  The reason is because this is free and no hassle.  

Marketing companies tend to network well with each other.  Online also via inter relations, social network sites like Linkedin and on-line forums like UK Business Forums.

However with so many marketing agencies around the UK, if work drops off, the sales funnel closes.

The best solution is using a telemarketing company to book you a few meetings.

Options To Consider

There are a variety of forms of marketing that can produce lead generation for marketing companies.

  • PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is possibly the most popular for marketing companies.  Sponsoring adverts on Bing and Google can take a small unknown agency onto a global platform.

  • Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a very targeted form of marketing.  Very different to PPC advertising, it is pro-active rather than re-active.

  • PR

PR for marketing companies can be very effective.

Following Up Leads

When sales leads are generated, the options are either passing them on (to the agency to book a meeting) or having the telemarketing agency book a meeting for you.  

Lead generation for many businesses is complex.  Marketing companies are not great at following up leads, it is not what they do normally, so can fluff it up.

New Business For Agencies

New business is essential, and for marketing companies, getting new clients on board is important in keeping business ticking over.  

Lead generation for marketing companies needs to be varied, but does need to incorporate telemarketing in one way or another.

Compare Quotes

All lead generation agencies in the UK set their own rates, so how much does lead generation cost, there is no standard costs.  For this reason we do advise shopping around and comparing quotes.  

Just fill in the form and we will get you quotes from 5 agencies that know your industry sector.

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