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Marketing For Tourism CompaniesCompare Quotes From Experts That Do Marketing In The Tourism Sector

Marketing for tourism companies is very important, as most people use the internet in searching out tourist locations.  

The tourism sector in the UK is broad and diverse, and all need marketing and PR.  

PR for health spas, marketing for ancient and historic sites are all necessary in order to drive business.

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The tourism industry in the UK has struggled in recent years as the credit crunch has set in and more people are being careful about spending the money they have. 

Many argue that the money is there, it is just that people do not want to spend it and opt on the side of caution.  Also the cost of going abroad means less people visiting popular British tourist locations.  For this reason, marketing for tourism companies is important.

Many tourist spots therefore are looking at new and creative ways of marketing from doing innovative campaigns to radio advertising.

UK Tourism Sector

What kind of businesses are involved in the UK tourism industry?

  • Historic Sites (castles, monuments like Stonehenge, battlefields etc).
  • Country Houses (many were destroyed, some remain with the National Trust)
  • Theme Parks
  • Canal Walks
  • Art Galleries
  • Cathedrals
  • Museums

Many tourism sector companies (country houses, theme parks) are using radio advertising more and more. 

This is effective as it normally quite targeted (by using local radio stations the tourism companies can target a specific demographic) to a certain geographical area and listener type.

Promotional offers such as drinks parties, open days and guest appearances are also used to draw in new groups and visitors.  Marketing for tourism companies is varied.

UK Tourism Industry

The UK has a thriving tourism industry, started as early as the post war years with the Butlins holiday sites.  The UK has long been a nation of activity ranging from its beaches to its medieval towns and cities.

There are many national parks and private country houses (such as Chatsworth and Longleat) that offer visitors day events throughout the year.

Marketing for tourism companies uses a wide range of marketing to advertise.  From interactive websites to colourful brochures, radio advertising and even TV advertising (for some of the larger theme parks such as Alton Towers).

Overseas Tourism

The UK has long been involved in overseas tourism from package holidays, time share, ski chalets, offering the UK a wide range of overseas holidays to choose from.

This sector has struggled recently due to the economic climate but has also seen many smaller businesses set up offering competitive holiday packages.

As a result many holiday companies have been more creative and aggressive in their promotion to fill up airlines and holiday packages.

More or less all holiday companies are on-line as this is the way that people tend to prefer to source holiday deals. 

Having an interactive website is essential for holiday companies to stay at the top and ensure that their website is the one that is getting the most internet traffic.

For this, holiday companies use website designers and developers to create high profile websites that allow visitors to navigate quickly to the best holiday deals and packages.  Allowing them to book their holiday there and then on-line.

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