Marketing For Utilities Companies

Marketing For Utilities CompaniesDoes Your Utilities Company Need Marketing Support?

Marketing in this sector is varied, as each utility company seeks to gain market dominance.  As the utilities industry grows, so to does the competition.  

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Since the privatisation of the utilities industries (gas, water and electric) there has been a boom in companies that are supplying utility services.

These range from the large companies (such as Thames Water which looks after 13 million customers to on-line companies (such as Utilities Warehouse). 

The utilities industry is broken down into pure on-line companies that act as re-sellers and the actual service providers (such as British Gas) who produce and sell their services.  

Marketing for utilities companies is varied.

You will use all forms of marketing to communicate to both their customers and also to attract new customers:

A Clear And Informative Website

Having a good website is a big part of the sales and marketing for utilities companies strategy.  

Having a well designed website drawing customers in with deals and offers.  Allowing them to register on-line is a hassle free way of you getting new business. 

It makes sense talking with local web designers that have experience in this sector.  A good website is an important part of marketing for companies in this competitive sector.


Advertising plays a big part of marketing for utilities companies.  It is very competitive and all forms of advertising are used (TV advertising, radio, magazine advertising and billboards). 

Due to the competition in the industry, this is the best form of marketing for utilities companies.

Public Relations And The Media

Public relations is one thing that you work towards.  

As there are so many of your competitors are trying to draw client away with new deals and offers, keeping customers loyal is something that you are faced with. 

This can be done either with loyalty programs, refer a friend and other similar incentives.  PR for utilities companies plays a big part in marketing.


Telemarketing is a powerful tool that most of your competitors use.  

Either as a form of customer care (help lines and inbound call centres) and also proactive outbound telemarketing to attract new customers on board.  

Telemarketing is a powerful form of marketing for utilities companies.

The industry is fiercely competitive and all companies will have aggressive campaigns in order to encourage new customers to register or to ensure that existing customers remain.

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