Telemarketing For Utilities Companies

Telemarketing For Utilities CompaniesCompare Quotes On Telemarketing For Utilities Businesses In The UK

There are over 400 agencies in the UK, telemarketing for utilities companies needs an experienced agency, one that knows the utilities sector.  

Telemarketing is an important part of marketing for utilities companies.

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Why You Need Telemarketing

This can be used both for handling inbound and outbound calling

As you need to have people available to take calls from customers, handle complaints, refunds, outsourcing is a good option.  This can free up your staff to focus on specific projects and release resources.

How Much It Cost?

Telemarketing prices do vary from all companies, depending on the number of calls (inbound or outbound) and the number of agents needed to make/receive calls. 

Most agencies charge on a day rate, however for large campaigns, a cost per call or per agent may be negotiated.

Most agencies charge per day, or per month for calling, depending on what kind of campaign is required.  

As all marketing companies are independent, their fees are not standardised, so comparing quotes is essential.

Choosing An Experienced Agency

When considering an agency to handle a campaign, it is wise to select someone that experience in the utilities sector, and has the resource available to handle the call numbers.  

Telemarketing for utilities companies is focused and needs to have a focused and experienced agency handling the campaign for it be effective.

Get Quotes Today

We do encourage getting a few quotes from agencies to compare, so you can get a feel for prices and success rates.  

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